SR60 and D2 Boa
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Jan 31, 2009
got myself a Grado SR 60 few months back and a Fiio E5.(after discovering this forum
IMO the fiio e5 improves the sound a little bit.(or maybe its just the volume) i can't really define what i'm hearing. I just call it "sounds better". But that's just me.

I've read around and noted that quite a few say that the SR 60 don't benefit much from amping.

Just wondering if anyone tried and are willing to share experience.
Does the D2 Boa do any justice to boosting the sound quality of the SR 60?

I'm listening directly out my desktop computer headphone output.
The boa has a DAC, does the DAC and AMP improve the sound quality of the SR60 significantly?

Thanks in advance.
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I have the D3 and the SR80, and my impression is that they are not a good match, my sr80's sound better rigjt out of both my sanza fuse or itouch than they do from the D3.
Of course, if your hooking your d2 up to a pc and using the dac it migh be different.
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in my experience, amping (and source) does help alot with sr60. i've tried to listen straight out of an ipod and i think it's pretty shallow and brittle compared to what i usually plug them to: lineout a panasonic pcdp of olden times + CMoy. it's night and day for me.
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thanks for the sharing of experience guys.
Really appreciate it.

Really need some real life experience of using the boa and SR 60 together.

have some extra cash to spend and was stuck in deciding whether to get a PK1 or PFE.
but then it occurred to me maybe i should just get an amp to improve the SQ of my SR60 since i spend most of the time listening at home.

if anyone has tried the SR60 together with the D2 boa,
please share with me your experience.


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