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Squeezebox 3 now at American Techpushers!

  1. K.Ashwood
    American Techpushers is proud to announce that we have added the Squeezebox 3 to our lineup of products. For a limited time we will be offering the Squeezebox 3 for only 279.00 (wireless version) to all Head-Fi members.

    For those of you interested you can purchase at the link below:


    If you have any questions please just ask here or contact us questions(at)americantechpushers.com

    To see specific product information please visit here:

    (The review page will be completed shortly)

    Keith Ashwood
    American Techpushers
  2. K.Ashwood
    Sorry email server was down today.. All emails have been replied to.

    Keith Ashwood
    American Techpushers
  3. K.Ashwood
    The Review page is up. Sorry for the delay. Where some CSS issues in IE.

    Keith Ashwood
    American Techpushers
  4. K.Ashwood
    Ok its really there now.. Whew! (the review page)
  5. K.Ashwood
    Yes White and Black are available.to all that have been asking. Should have said that before.

    Keith Ashwood
    American Techpushers
  6. K.Ashwood
    Yes both are in stock..
  7. K.Ashwood
    White is now on 1 week backorder...

    Keith Ashwood
  8. K.Ashwood
    Update.. Got our shipment Today instead of next week so white is now in stock.
  9. K.Ashwood
    Black out of stock unitli Friday.

  10. K.Ashwood
    Make that Thursaday 15th.. We sold out quickly...

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