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SQ of the Monster Beats Solo

  1. Albinoni
    Can anyone here comment on the SQ of these headphones, how do they compare say to the ATH-ES7's or even the AKG's K450, and how big are the ear cups on them, would you say the same as the Senns PX200's
  2. alternatesurfer
    Don't know about the size comparisons.
    As for SQ, I personally like them.  I have to EQ the crap out of whatever I am listening to (lower the bass up to 2db and raise the mids/high up .5-2db) but then the muddy bass disappears and the details begin to shine through.
    I find that if I use the built in "Lounge" setting in iTunes it is pretty close to how I have foobar eq'ed for them.
  3. cam94z28
    I don't know why they get such a bad rap around here. While at best buy I plugged my own Rockbox Fuze into them. I didn't hear the things here that people describe them as. On the regular solo's Bass was very fun, but creeped into the mids. Mids were decent, and highs were very smooth, although slightly artificial. Solo HD's had even stronger bass, even more midrange creepage, but the mids/treble sounded more natural. I think the blatantly inflated price is what brings the hatred around here. At $75-100 I'd buy either of them in a heartbeat. At $170-200, I have to keep shopping.  
  4. rangerid
    I tried my friend's for a little while and first thing I noticed was that there was a bit too much. A bit from that, sound was better than most cheaper headphones I've heard, but nothing special and not really any wow factor. Their built quality isn't the best cuz my friend's headband part snapped when he was adjusting it. I liked the sound of my regular Turbines over the beats solo. 
  5. cam94z28
    I've never found any IEM's to sound as good as a comparable set of cans, but I could be proven wrong.
    According to the web site, they now use an improved "superior strength headband". There is a video where someone bends them completely straight and they don't snap. Then again, how do you which models have the old design.
  6. stevenswall
    Doing a head to head comparison at B-Buy, I preferred the clarity and overall sound of the Sennheiser 428 more so than the Beats Solos messy bass and muffled mids... But maybe it's because I am used to the superior Koss PortaPro, which I feel has better bass, sound-stage, and clarity then either of the above. Using the EQ on my S9 works very well for most headphones, though I can't EQ the blanketed sound of the Solo away.
  7. cam94z28
    Why do I get stuck with the crappy best buy who has no good phones on display. Mine only had.... XB500, Sony Noise Cancelling, Skullcandy's, solo, solo HD, Bose, Sennheiser HD201 (not sensitive enough, quiet even on my Fuze), and Porta Pro (the only decent phones on demo IMO)
  8. productred
    The Solo (Non-HD version) is, to me, on par with the AKG K450, but the Solo costs a lot more. Both are quite bass-heavy. The ES7 is the clear winner in terms of SQ among the 3.
  9. cam94z28
    Do the other two have the amount of impact that the solo's do? How would you say the Solo HD compares? I have other phones with lots of bass, it's the way the bass presents itself on the solo's that I liked.
  10. productred


    No the K450 is not as impactful. The ES7 is impactful, but not as full in amount as the Solo. The Solo HD, which was meant to be an upgrade to the non-HD version I suppose, is, to me, a joke. The bass is less impactful, but just as muddy (sorry I know you like the Solo bass but to me that's kinda muddy), with a very strange peak in its upper mid which "pretends" to bring out more highs but in truth there's none.
    If you like the Solo bass, then go for it. The ES7 is clearer-sounding, also rather bassy, but not Solo bassy. The Solo way of presenting bass is kind of unique - I'd say it's much much more preferable to the Bose way of presenting bass, and you won't find many phones with a similar way of presenting bass like the Solo.
  11. cam94z28
    I guess they're out for me anyway. Took my S:Flo2 in to listen to the Solo's, and the bass disappears until I hold in the center button in on the control talk thing. Do they come with a second (non-controltalk) cable?
    Considering I am fairly sure they'll keep breaking, until I end up stuck with a broken pair after the 1 year warranty, I think I'll put my foot in my mouth and stay away. Especially, if you say there are other cans out there that will do the same for less, and not break over and over again. The main thing I like about them is what most people here hate. Since I'm severely sensitive to brightness/harshness/sibilance, I prefer a slightly veiled/rolled off treble, similar to PortaPro, but I would still prefer slightly less.
    Those earpads on those AKG's look too small for me. They appear to be similar in size to my K81DJ, which are really too small for me. If they're actually larger, let me know. I've been looking at the ES7's, but in ljokerl's portable shootout he mentions they have soft bass impact.
    Browsing through headphone.com graphs, the DT770 would probably have similar bass. But, they are almost 2x the price. I have no experience with them though, so I have no idea if I'd like the rest of the range. The solo's really are pretty crazy looking at their graph. +5 - +15db from 10-100hz.
    SRH750DJ looks to be up there too. XB500/700, but I know I don't like their highs. Ultrasone 650, and, odd enough, the ATH-M50. I know a graph won't determine how they sound in reality, but it's a start.

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