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Spotify vs. Tidal

  1. xYoshix
    Hi, I was thinking of getting Tidal HiFi, but as my headphones being the Sennheiser HD 579, will i hear a difference between Spotify Premium and Tidal HiFi?
  2. buke9
    I have Tidal HiFi but have very good gear so go for Stopify .You can always do a trial to see if you are missing much. I’ve Tidal for years so I’ll stick with it for now .
  3. Tragic
    I have reasonably good gear and I'm devoted to Tidal but yeah, do a month trial.
  4. Apatride
    Both have their benefits. Tidal can make a real difference on some recordings with the right gear (Glasper's cover of Reckoner comes to mind) but I ended up canceling Tidal and using Spotify for the "Discover" features. I often listen to music during the day at work and letting Spotify pick stuff for me (with a rather high success rate) is more convenient and I discovered lots of artists I like this way.
    I d say with your gear, the sound difference won't be worth it.

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