Spotify and Your DAP
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Apr 24, 2015
Hi All,
I found a few older threads about this, but nothing too recent. I'm really looking to see if any of you have found good DAPs that can play Spotify. Of course, having decent storage and accepting a micro sd card (or some medium) and playing flacs is important too. I've seen many people say they just use their phone (and I do), but I was wondering if you guys have found better alternatives as sometimes that doesn't cut it with some of the more needy cans. This really isn't a "tell me what to buy" thread. I'm genuinely curious as to how some of you guys/girls are playing Spotify with your setups.
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The Sony ZX1 and ZX2 are both running Android, so you should be able to download and install Spotify on these players. You can also keep an eye on the upcoming FiiO X7, which (I believe) will be running Android as well.
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  Nice, haven't heard too much about the X7. It's frustrating that the ZX1 and ZX2 (I'm assuming, just know about the ZX1) don't take additional memory cards at those price points.

Ah, didn't know the ZX1 didn't have expandable memory - the ZX2 does though (micro SD). And the FiiO X7 is expected to have 2 micro SD slots.
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