SPL Phonitor X / Phonitor E impressions and Discussion thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Dec 2, 2016.
  1. MutaraNebula
    Im new in the audiophile sector, but I bought a Phonitor X and a Sennheiser HD800S a few days ago. To me it sounds very good, but i dont have any comparison. Im not sure if wether or not i should keep it. If not, i think about a tube amp like EternalArts OTL or maybe something different like RME ADI-2 Pro.
  2. grizzlybeast
    The phonitor X sounds great for solid state but the thin timbre of the 800 likes and responds well to the rich sou ding tube amps out there
  3. Edric Li
    I am using the phonitor e + HD800S combo, and I have tried the Manley 300B, some Eddie Current and Schiit tube amps before. To me tube amps do have a more punchy, bouncy bass, but the HD800S is not the right headphones for that. HD800S has a really distorted, muddy subbass response compared to other TOTL. More bass from the amps = more distortion from HD800S, from my experience.
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  4. grizzlybeast
    ^def disagree with that.
  5. ToTo Man
    Can you explain this in more detail please?
  6. Edric Li
    Low quantity, low quality bass: https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SonyMDRVSA5000.pdf / https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/AudioTechnicaATHW5000.pdf
    Medium quantity, low quality bass: https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SennheiserHD800S.pdf / https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/AKGK812SN001130.pdf / https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/BeyerdynamicT1SN3964.pdf
    High quantity, low quality bass: https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SonyMDRXB300.pdf

    Low quantity, high quality bass: https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/StaxSR009.pdf
    Medium quantity, high quality bass: https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HiFiMANHE1000.pdf
    High quantity, high quality bass: https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/FostexTH900.pdf

    Btw my experience with these headphones agree with these measurements.
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  7. borrego
    According to the Phonitor X User's Manual (https://spl.info/fileadmin/user_upload/produkte-w/Phonitor_x/Phonitor_x_BA_EN.pdf), the balanced headphone output actually has worse noise and dynamic range specification compares to the single-ended headphone output:

    Balanced headphone output:

    Neutrik 4-pin XLR connector
    Pin wiring: 1 = L (+), 2 = L (-), 3 = R (+), 4 = R (-)
    Impedance: 0.36 ohms
    Damping factor: 180 @ 40 ohms
    Frequency range: 10 Hz to 300 kHz ( -3 dB)
    Crosstalk at 1 kHz: -90 dB
    THD & N: 0.00091 % (at 0 dBu, 1 kHz, 100 kohms load)
    Noise (A-weighted): -98 dBu
    Dynamic range: 130.5 dB

    Single-ended headphone output:
    6.35 mm TRS connector
    Pin wiring: Tip = Left, ring = right, sleeve = GND
    Impedance: 0.18 ohm
    Attenuation factor: 180 @ 40 ohms
    Frequency range: 10 Hz to 300 kHz ( -3 dB)
    Crosstalk at 1 kHz: -90 dB
    THD & N: 0.00091% (at 0 dBu, 1 kHz, 100 kohms load)
    Noise (A-weighted): -103 dB
    Dynamic range: 135.5 dB

    The Phonitor 2 only has a 2 channel Alps volume pot, I wonder if it is actually a "dual mono" design rather than full differential balanced output. Not sure if the Phonitor X having 2 channel or 4 channel volume pot.

    I am seriously considering the Phonitor 2/X recently for a "studio/dry sounding amp", then I found some treak with my Metrum Aurix and decided sticking with it.
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  8. Edric Li
    I don't know about dry but my Phonitor E does sound very "correct". And my ears can confirm that the balanced output has more distortion than the unbalanced.
  9. BearMonster
    Can anyone tell me the difference between the Phonitor 2 and the Phonitor X/E. Are they the exact same sounding?
  10. lissimore
    I just picked up the Phonitor x (with the optional DAC) which I'm using primarily with a pair of Utopias. I can't seem to find much info on the DAC (aside from 192/24). Anyone have any opinions on it or are you using another DAC with the Phonitor?
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