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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by nomax, Nov 22, 2013.
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  1. Nomax
    Price will be 1600 euros!
  2. Nomax
    LEARNING CHIP inside!can cooperat with every Remote Control!the Design LOOKS very beautiful!better than the phonitor 1!regards nomax
  3. Nomax
    Here a pic FROM this PRETTY AMP! image.jpg
  4. Nomax
    Aviable in two weeks!
  5. bigfatpaulie
    Looks really nice.  Too bad it's not balenced....
    emertxe likes this.
  6. project86 Contributor
    Good looks for sure. Hopefully the output impedance is lower this time around. 
  7. zenpunk
    What was wrong with the original one? Are the changes just cosmestic?
  8. project86 Contributor
    Dunno about any changes on this one compared to original. But I do recall that one having a somewhat high output impedance (10 ohms or so) which made it less than ideal for most low impedance headphones. Plus it seemed to work better at higher impedance in terms of power delivery. At 32 ohms it was modestly powerful but nothing special. At 300 or 600 ohms it was among the most powerful amps available. Maybe that's why people tended to pair it with beyer headphones a lot.
  9. Nomax
    So my old PHONITOR 1 can drive all my headphones very well!TH 900,hd 800,Beyer t5P,etc!!
  10. 7ryder
  11. bugstone
    Evidently, the balanced outputs in the back can be used to drive balanced headphones.  That is cool.  I guess the 'Laterality' knob is a balance knob.  I am not sure why one would want that.  I assume it locks at center.  I wonder if the sound of it is different than the original 'Phonitor?'
  12. 7ryder
    Inconvenient, but still worth a look. 
  13. metalsonata
    Straight from their website: http://spl.info/home/blog/article/seine-exzellenz-phonitor-der-2.html
    Some interesting things in there, namely the amp being 'optimally suited for low-impedence headphones' and support for 'dynamic, balanced, and electrostatic headphones.' Whaaaaaaat.
    Edit: On Facebook SPL is saying that the output impedance is 0.18 ohms. 
    alphanumerix1 likes this.
  14. There are no electrostatic outputs.  My guess is they mean you can use the outs to a transformer box like the WEE or SRD.
  15. metalsonata
    Yeah, that'd be my assumption too. Just seems goofy to advertise it that way, lol.
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