Spectrum Measuring
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Mar 12, 2010
I want to measure the frequency response of my amp.I played different samples 30Hz to 16kHz from my pc.I've measured the voltage swing on each one with my multimeter and added the data to excel worksheet.So is this measuring adequate ?If not,how this should be done ?(The multimeter can't measure mV
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Are you sure your multimeter measures true RMS? Also, you might like to convert your Vrms reading to dB to get a better basis of comparison.

If you want to get a more accuracte reading you can connect your amp's output to a computer soundcard's input and use something like Rightmark Audio Analyser to run a gauntlet of tests. Ofcourse, you'll want your soundcard to be accurate enough.
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Afaik, on simple multimeters you can only trust the rms value if the signal is 50-60 Hz.
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Have you heard of RMAA?
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You sure the output signal of the amp won't damage the card ?
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the impedance of the load will also affect the frequency response some.

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