Specific type of Hip-Hop:
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i can tell you right off four tet and ratatat are very electronical. Ratatat's stuff even goes as far as being 'popsy'. And no, trip-hop usually don't tend to have vocals. they do have a lot of looped samples tho...

Trip-Hop doesnt tend to have vocals?
The term "Trip-Hop" in truth WAS used to coin instrumental music, but only for one artist-Dj Shadow (in I believe the late 80's).
However, the Bristol, England scene (Massive Attack, Smith and Mighty, Tricky, Portishead-and everyone from the "Funky Bunch")-they made Trip-Hop what it is today.
All vocals.
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maybe after some loads i can recall, but i dont think their are many good hip hop artists that have instrumental albums that are dark and techy... like Dr.octagon has some dark beats but its not like every song is liek that

altho look for Dr.Dooom ( Thats doctor octagon) First Come First Served those beats are pretty dark and grimy...
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While not strictly hip-hop, Amon Tobin is definitely dark, but in a curiously playful kind of way. He's definitely imbibed his fair share of hip-hop influences, though he also seems to have imbibed influences of Brazilia, drum n' bass, classical, industrial, jazz and god knows what else. But his resulting work always transcends definition -- it's as if Tobin had never heard any music except that which was in his head. Even more wonderfully, he passes this experience of hearing music for the first time on to you. And yes, it's all instrumental.

Given your tastes, I would first check out his 2002 single "Verbal" and explore from there. Enjoy!
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Madlib has a lot of amazing instrumental albums:

Beat Konducta
Sound Directions: The Funky Side of Life
Yesterdays New Quintet (Jazz)
And others... (A reggae one, some others)

Madlib's Quasimoto's The Unseen now comes in a 2 disc set, one of which is just the instrumentals of the other.

Dr. Octogon can be purchased "with vocals surgically removed." Instrumental version...

Similarly with Canibal Ox -- instrumental version available.

MF Doom's instrumental albums can now be bought together in a limited edition box set.

And there is also J. Dilla's Donuts. Sounds like it may be a bit funkier than you are looking for, but everyone could use some more funk.

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