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Mar 8, 2004
It's a headphone forum, I know. But I know and trust this forums opinion, so I'm just asking here.

I'd like to get some speakers to run off my computer. I'm largely interesting in just a 2 piece set, bookshelf speakers, maybe studio monitors. I'm coming from HD650's, so something with a more relaxed detailed sound signature would be ideal. I don't want booming logitechs. A pleasant amount, not overwhelming amount of bass is what I'm looking for. Then I'd like them to be able to catch all the nice crisp details. Speakers that can catch these details would be more important to me than speakers that have a really wide soundstage. I'm going to be playing trance, electronica and only things with very good production mostly.

I would also like them to have some optical or coaxal digital in as the analog outs on my emu1212m are currently taken up by headphones and I don't wanna deal with splitters, mergers or switching it around.

I have about $100-$200 to spend. I'm really liking what I've read about the Edirol studio monitors, MA-15D, MA-20D. The M-Audio or EMU studio monitors also seem to be a good option. But I've never heard any of these and don't have any place to go listen to them, so please give me some opinions.

I also don't know much of anything about just normal bookshelf speakers. So any opinions, inisight on that would be appreciated. But I don't have a reciever and I don't want to buy one, so it needs to be an all in one unit.

BTW, these are not replacement for my headphones, these are just something to play music when friends are over, so they don't need to be extremely exquisite, just adequate.
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Dec 11, 2002
Sorry, but the cheapest route is for you to get a receiver and a pair of bookshelves. You should consider asking in the speaker forum here on head-fi.

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