Speaker Placement Advice for Novice?
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Dec 1, 2007
Hey guys,

I just received my speaker package and not sure how to arrange everything and was hoping for a little advice. I have the following:

-2xLarge floor speakers
-2xSmall surround speakers
-3xCenter speakers (they are written as centers but they like medium size surrounds)

All of the above are from Wharfdale and I thought you put the large floor standing speakers at the rear but the documentation shows them at the front with the little surround speakers at the rear??

The room is about 4mx4m. I thought it would be best to put the large ones at the rear, sub at the rear, smalls on the side, and centers at the front wall raised pointing down (I have very high ceilings).

Apologies for the ignorant question, this is my first venture into audio equipment
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Originally Posted by Eros /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thanks for that. I do not have the room to put the front L & R at the front, is it ok to place them at the rear but have them connected as front?

No. for surround you want front and rear, hense 'surround', sound all around you.
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Ideally the fronts will be 1/3rd the way in the room on the same plane facing your listening position. Subwoofer placement is best achieved my playing music/sub heavy film section and having the subwoofer where you would be sitting then moving your head to find out where sounds best. When you've worked that out switch your sub and head. I like my rears higher than my head slightly crossed.
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Fronts should also be raised to close to ear level and be no more than 10 or 12 feet apart. In a normal sized room, they shouldn't be more than 8 feet apart.

See ya
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Generally it's ok to deviate from the recommended distances a bit but swapping placement is NOT OK. If you don't have room for the mains return the whole set and get something that will fit in its proper place. Placing the mains in the rear completely defeats the purpose.

If you want better answers I'd recommend you ask it here.
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Placing the mains in the rear completely defeats the purpose.

x2, there is absolutely no point in swapping places. The only other option I can think of if you are seriously lacking space is to get one of those virtual surround speakers that go in the center, and simulate a surround sound setup.

While those are elegant solutions and space saving, they are no match for a proper surround sound setup from my experience.
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Large speakers in front of you!!! There is no reason to have them behind you. You ears are more sensitive to sounds in front of you, so placing better speakers behind you does little good.

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