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speaker cover art themes

  1. Happy Camper
    One day I was discussing this with a friend. It would be cool to make speaker covers with your favorite themes. Like putting a white beam of light across one speaker cover and the rainbow on the other, mimicking the Dark Side of the Moon cover. It could be band themed, genre themed, etc.

    Of course it was a pipe dream but thought I'd bring it up and see if anybody has done something like this. I recall some time back BIC made colored grills but nothing with distinctive art.

    Yeah, it's just mental bubblegum for an idle day but why not?
  2. strrstarrynight
    Sounds like a brillant idea, but I doubt it would be easy to paint/draw on the speaker grills
  3. cel4145
    Who would be your target consumer? A lot of serious speaker enthusiasts I know take the grills off. Who wants a grill suppressing micro detail?
  4. Tablix
    I completely understand where Cel is coming from however while reading this it triggered a thought regarding covers for the cabinets.  I have known people who are artistic to spend time doing airbrush art on cabinets or decorating with some funky stickers.   What came to mind would be a lycra/material cover for your cabinet with artwork on, these could be flexible to a degree to deal with different cabinet sizes, non-permanent in that they can be removed and they would not cover any drivers.  Think of it like a cabinet jacket.  
    While thinking on this I thought of a product similar to this being used for something completely different http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/COMMONWEALTH-GAMES-CAR-WING-MIRROR-FLAGS-COVERS-FLAG-UPS-UNION-JACK-UK-/160562413667?_trksid=p2054897.l5660
    While this idea would take some time to consider and think up whether its a viable business I can see no reason you couldnt start making on small scale a lycra based speaker jacket with custom designs printed on them.  No idea how big the potential market would be, or whether it would be a financially viable small business but its just some of my thoughts on the subject.
    Personally I like nothing better than a nice wood finish cabinet but recently there are not common on lower end speakers and monitors.
  5. cel4145

    That might or might not be a good choice. I think he'd have to research acoustical properties of materials first and find out what is most acoustically transparent. Well, unless the consumer demographic is the same as those who buy Beats and Skullcandies, who put SQ behind style.
  6. Tablix
    This was a concern but considering many cabinets are made from highly reflective plastics, I doubt a cloth covering would have too much impact if any.  I have nothing to back up this claim or any way to test it, I was really just adding some creative thought process to the OP in the hope someone may want to look into it.  Personally I am quite happy with black box's, or nice classy wooden cabinets.
  7. cel4145

    You must be talking about very cheap speakers. Speakers cabinets are usually MDF.
  8. Tablix
    I currently use ADAM A7x and KRK RP6 G3's.  neither are less reflective for sound than having a cloth covering.  Speaker construction varies as you go up in price range but entry level monitors usually have large areas of plastic metal and wood, all of which are pretty reflective of sound. I didnt post to get into a debate, just posted some thoughts and ideas to the OP.
  9. cel4145
    Oh. You are talking about reflections off the cabinet??

    I'm referring to the acoustical transparency of the material. He should research it before going forward with a business plan about this instead of just talking with people on the Internet who don't know about acoustical properties of materials (I don't know). Time to talk to an audio engineer/speaker designer :)
  10. Tablix
    Yep just reflections, and I would not have the time/money to even think about this kinda of project :D  I would guess the market is likely so small, getting a return in investment would be unlikely.

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