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SPC DAC3 / DIY Butte HP amp combo

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  1. alpha421
    For Sale
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    I have the following two synergistic for combo sale only (may split if combo doesn't sell):
    • High resolution and powerful DIY Butte HP amp designed by Pete Millett and based on the $450 Apex Butte. Made by me. Comes with Triad power supply and 1/8 to 1/4 adapter. Needs about 30 seconds to warm up after power on.
    • Starting Point Systems DAC 3 USB/Coaxial/Optical up to 24/96 TDA1543 NOS DAC. USB powered and comes with 6ft USB cable. No Windows drivers needed.
    • Custom made (made by me) RCA cable set. Approx. 5" inches long, cable made of ViaBlue cable with black/red parachord sleeves and Switchcraft RCA connectors. Perfect length between the Butte/DAC3 stacked or side by side.
    Very compact size and sound wise, these two compliment each other in a extremely nice way. Split the two if desired, but sound best together, IMO.

    Combo price at $199 and includes PP fees. Split shipping CONUS based on 4 pound box.

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
  2. alpha421
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