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Oct 2, 2008
Admin (please read this post carefully BEFORE you delete it)

Better still, don't delete it. Ban the account holder and leave the post here for everyone else to see.

This account is owned by a persistent forum spammer. It’s not me, I just accessed the account by using the details supplied at Spam Hammer.

Just do a google search on the Username to see the hundreds of other boards he's spammed.

These spammers are not interested in your board and they're not worried about being banned, they just want to place **** links in their profile in order to get better SEO rankings for their sites.

Often, the links they post lead to sites that contain spyware, malware, viruses and other malicious code. You owe it to your regular board members to protect them from these parasites as much as you can.

If you move this account to a banned group, delete any links in the profile first or they can still be read by search engine bots. That’s just what the spammer wants.

ADMIN's FIGHT BACK. If you want to find more of these spammers, visit Spam Hammer

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