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  1. wovenhand
    spahn_ranch purchased a pair of Grado RS-1i's from me.
    He was very prompt with payment and friendly to deal with. Highly recommended!
  2. aj-kun
    Bought jumbo pads off him, still in very good quality, no faults.
    very fast shipping, got to me within a week.
  3. peepee-king
    Purchased Grado flat pads off him, he shipped them off before the funds had cleared which was very kind of him. Highly recommended, thanks for that!
  4. Henmyr
    Bough a Grado extension cable from spahn_ranch and everything went well. Very recommended seller.
  5. Gu Sensei
    Thomas purchased my PS1000s. The deal went totally smoothly and he was great with his communications and payments. Highly recommended!
  6. brandnewgame
    I purchased a pair of Grado HF-2s from spahn_ranch and everything went perfectly smooth. He was very quick to reply and picked a very good shipper as the headphones arrived 2 days after them being posted (from Sweden to the UK). The shipping price was economical too. Thanks again [​IMG]
  7. snejk
    I made a trade with spahn_ranch (my RS1, GS1000, RA1 for his PS1000). I met him prior to the trade at a hifi shop to listen to some of the shops gear and some of our own. A while later he, very kindly and with great confidence in me, offered me to borrow his PS1000 for a possible sale. After about two weeks we agreed on the trade. The trade was a way for him to help me finance the purchase from him, as he wasn't really interested in holding on to my gear and I had very little time between taking care of two small kids and just recently starting a new job to be able to sell the gear myself.
    A great guy whom I would not hesitate to do business with again!
  8. niranhopper
    I sold my MAD EAR HD2 amp to spahn_ranch. Transaction went smoothly and communication was great. Recommended buyer.. Thanks

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