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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by overlunge, May 2, 2005.
  1. overlunge
    Recently purchased Xin's Supermacro v.1 from Paul. The communication and shippment were effortless and prompt. The amp arrived nicely packaged, and with Paul's instruction attached!

    Great trade, will not hesitate to trade again!!!
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  2. Absolute0
    Sold Paul a set of mini-RCA cables. Payment was prompt and communication was likewise excellent. Would not hesitate to deal with Paul again. Thanks!
  3. MikeB06
    I just sold Paul my Beyer DT770/80's. I couldn't be more happy with the transaction. Extremely friendly communication and very quick to return my messages allowed an international transaction (from North Carolina to Australia) to get pulled off in less than 24 hours. It's been great corresponding with Paul and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him in the future. Thanks again and enjoy the headphones [​IMG].
  4. Enverxis
    bought a pair of MS-2 off Spadge for a friend, great transaction and a friendly head-fier.
  5. wnewport
    I sold Paul my Darth Beyers. Smooth transaction and great communication.

    I would highly recommend this head-fier.
  6. smoka
    I just sold a Sandisk Sansa E260 to Paul (aka Spadge). Great communication and quick payment. Highly recommended head-fier..
  7. aperson
    Bought Beyer DT770/80 pro from Paul.
    Very friendly communication. I highly recommend doing business with him.

    Headphones arrived in excellent condition and arrived in a week from Australia to Canada by regular post without insurance.
  8. BushGuy
    Paul does his research and knows what he wants - my kind of guy! Nothing indecisive here.

    Sold him my Screened v.1 Darthbeyers. The entire transaction went like clockwork - from initial contact thru feedback. I have no hesitation to either buy or sell with him. Nothing but recommendations here. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. ford2
    Just got pauls Darth Beyers,great to deal with.
    An extremely easy transaction.
    Would deal again no problems.
    Especially if its for those OPEN darths.

    All The Best Mate.

    Tony.[This takes my post count to 2[​IMG] ]
  10. kcgc67
    Bought Xin Supermacro 3 from Paul.
    Everything was package nicely with instruction for the amp.

    Transaction went smoothly and communication was great and straight forward. Highly recommended [​IMG]
  11. tjumper78
    paul bought a diy mini-mini cable from me. great communication and the payment was prompt.
    great buyer and great head-fi'er!
  12. nc8000 Contributor
    Bought my SuperMini-III. Paid promptly and didn't mind that it would be a week before I could ship. Great guy
  13. nsx_23
    Just purchased his Xin Supermini. Nice guy to deal with, quick shipping.

    Thanks mate!
  14. tjumper78
    bought my diy ipod lod. it was the second transaction with paul, and everything went smoothly once again. great head-fi'er!!
  15. mack
    Bought a pair of Atrio M5s from Paul. He made everything extremely easy.

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