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South East Michigan meet?

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  1. Jimmyf1312

    You guys were great thanks!
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  2. Evshrug
    I think I’m a fan of your wife, ha! Mine has basically said “stop buying headphones!” But I have been creative and a few have come in the door anyway.

    I’m thinking I really should have tried to attend this meet. I was talking to @AxelCloris and we realized I’m only one gas tank away, and I’d like to get to know community people better. Please drop a new post in here if you organize another meet :wink:
  3. AKGunkie
    Didn't realize this was going on! was out of town anyways but you know i'm down for the next one.
  4. Condocondor
  5. shrimants
    subbed. dont want to miss this
  6. JEspina456
    Hey guys!!! Breaking news!


    I have confirmed a place that we will have our 2018 Fall SE Michigan Head-fi.org meet. Dan Paulson and his staff at Paulson's Audio and Video have graciously agreed to host us again. Our last big meet was there and they did it well. They have the space, the enthusiasm and love music and gear as much as we do. Dan is going to try to get a couple of reps in as well. Last time there were prizes and give-aways. I predict the same this time.

    Still working on the exact date, most likely Sept 22 or Sept 29. The time will be 11:00 am to 4:00 pm either day. I will be in communication with Dan this week and relay any information as I receive it.

    Paulson's Audio and Video is in Farmington Hills, 12 mile and Orchard Lake Road.

    Think about what headphones and components you will al be bringing. Sign up and all that coming soon. Can't wait to see everybody again.

    Please help me to spread the word. There is enough space to have up to 40 people with their gear.

    Last edited: Aug 6, 2018
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  7. JEspina456
    Ok. I stand corrected. It’s at 12 mile and Halsted in Farmington Hills, not Orchard Lake.

  8. AxelCloris Administrator
    Man, Paulson's is such a trek for me, but I'm willing to attempt the 8-ish mile drive to see everyone. Those dates are the two weekends before RMAF, so there's a chance that I might not be able to make it if we're finishing prep for the show. If I'm free, I'll bring a collection of goodies from Head-Fi HQ like the previous meets.
  9. sealykojac
    @JEspina456 - I just communicated with Dan last week and he didn't mention the meet. You've got this locked down. My vote is for the 22nd.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
  10. JEspina456
    I emailed him Friday and he responded Sunday. He’s on vacation now for a week, I think.

    Hope to see you there!

  11. joe Administrator
    My availability is the same as @AxelCloris'. I'm looking forward to the meet!
  12. JLoud
    I have a bit of a drive, Coming from north of Flint. But I definitely plan on going. Should be able to bring some nice phones with me. Can't wait to check out everyone else's gear.
  13. shrimants
    I'm planning on being there as I'm in canton. It's right up the road.

    Here's the thing. My wife is about to give birth to my first born. I'm wondering if it would be OK for me to bring my child. Chances are I won't since it will still be pretty early but I figured I could get some freaking adorable pictures.

    If it's not OK, my wife and daughter will stay home and I'll come alone. No problem.
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  14. SolaVirtus
    I'm very interested in attending, though I'm out close to Lansing. Hopefully I could still swing it!
  15. jude Administrator
    I'm tentatively in, but definitely hope to make it. Like @AxelCloris mentioned, that's getting into our RMAF pre-show preparation time.
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