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Sources for cables with Etymotic ER4XR/SR MMCX plug variant

  1. tigas
    Hi! I've owned a pair of ER4-P for a long time, until the cable broke at the Y. I completely failed to find replacement cables with the 2-pin plug they used (and didn't think to come here then, because I've been here less than a week and already found several).

    I sent them to Etymotic for repair, and they found one of the drivers had developed some distortion and the pair was mismatched. Their best guess was that I may have let them drop and one of them got damaged. I decided then to upgrade to ER4XR, thinking that their MMCX plug would make it easier to get cable replacements (and aftermarket options for headset/mic, inline remote and over-ear memory wire) and then I find that Etymotic engineered some changes to the MMCX connector that solve some of its problems but nobody else uses, and is barely compatible with the regular MMCX cables. I got a headset cable for public transport, and the damn plugs are always breaking contact and dropping out (when I'm lucky), or one the drivers falls off when I'm taking the phones out of their pouch. I already dropped one of the drivers on the sidewalk and it took me several minutes to find it afterwards...

    Where can I get plug converters from Ety-MMCX to MMCX, or headset/inline remote with Ety-MMCX plugs?

    I'd like to have posted this on the "If you still like Etymotics..." thread (I've started reading it from page 700 after the SR/XR line was released and people started discussing the plug), but it's a lot of thread.

    Thank you for the help.
  2. gemNeye
  3. tigas
    Really? I had noticed him in the "If you like Etymotics" thread, but he's the only source? For real? What would we do without ClieOS?

    Being an Etymotic owner continues to be a world of hurt, even with "universal" MMCX plugs. If only they didn't sound so well...

    Thank you.
  4. gemNeye
    There are several online stores that can build custom Etymotic cables such as PlusSound, Lunashop, Forza Audio Works among a few others. A quick google search using keywords "Etymotic custom cable" should yield such results for you to research.

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  5. tigas
    Ahhh!! Thank you very much! I'll investigate.

    So far, only Lunashops seem to even remotely be what I'm looking for. I've found the cable I needed six months ago when my ER-4P's cable broke. I even found one that has an inline remote that works on both Android and Apple, just what I need for public transport.

    But now I have an ER-4XR. The closest thing I can find that would help me are the L-shaped Ety-MMCX unwired plugs, for which I'd have to get regular MMCX plugs for the other side, but I'm useless at soldering and don't have the gear.

    So, my only source for L-shaped adapters between Ety-MMCX and MMCX seems to be @ClieOS. Oh well, I hope he's not too busy...
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  6. tigas
  7. Pro-Jules
    I think they come from aisian country and ordering them can bit a little confusing.
  8. tigas
    In the end, I did ask @ClieOS and he generously offered his services for building the L-shaped adapters that I desired. But really, he's the only one, otherwise, I'd have to learn how to solder - it wouldn't hurt me, but I'd rather not.

    Thank you, everybody, for your help.

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