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Source for Sennheiser HD650

  1. maestrochin29
    I plan on buying the HD650 soon, and have decided on Schiit Magni as the amp. Since i already have a Fiio Q1 driving the MSR7, figured why not use that as the DAC source for the Magni ? 3.5 mm to RCA converter from the back of the Q1 to the Schiit.

    Reason being that id hate the already lying Q1 to go waste, and buying an amp only along with the new hp's would fit the budget. Or an Aune X1s could be purchased instead of the Schiit.

    Would the first option of combining the Fiio and Magni be ideal for driving the Sennheiser, or would an investment in a better DAC be neccecary ? Or would the Aune itself do the job ?
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I'm using my Ibasso D-Zero and Pangea HP101 that way, although it wasn't my original plan. I use the D-Zero at work and with my laptop, and my Meier Cantate.2 for my reference rig (mobile phone as music server into Cantate's USB input). Then the Meier developed a problem and I hadn't gotten around to getting it fixed before I got the HP101 as a gift. Wouldn't have needed that if it had no driver issues with Windows (although for some reason it works flawlessly with Samsung smartphones via USB OTG).

    Just note that portable DAC-HPamps have a lower voltage line out so you'll have to compensate by turning up the volume on the amp vs a 2v output desktop DAC.
  3. Me x3
    Yes, sure.
    You can use the Q1 to feed a Magni.

    Modi 2 and Modi 2U output 1.5 Vrms (instead of 2 Vrms)
    If I recall correctly, the line out on the FiiO Q1 is 1.48Vrms
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Just looked, yeah they're 1.5V. Wonder why even the Uber version which has its own power supply only does 1.5v.
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