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Source for jh16fp

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by hinata939, Dec 2, 2013.
  1. hinata939
    Hi guys, im new to the forums,so please pardon my lack of knowledge on these devices lol. Would like to ask, what source will be the best to pair with my jh16fp? Im considering the dx50,ak100,or just my ipod classic. Dx50 will be closer to my budget,but i read that the output impedance of dx50 is less than 0.5ohm. How will that actually affect the jh16 performance? Also,is the upgrade to ak100 worth the money? Anyone with experience of using these devices please share them :D
  2. hinata939
    Bump!any recommendations?
  3. zerodeefex
    The AK100 in stock form is a poor match for the JH-16. I'd get the mk2 or the ak120. I noticed a big step up when I moved to the AK120 with my jh16 FP. I'd recommend waiting a few weeks for CES and deciding then. I've sold both my AK players and am waiting to see what comes out next.

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