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Soundpeats Q32 Bluetooth 5 Wireless Earphones

  1. gavinfabl
    I’ve been looking around for a low cost Bluetooth wire free wireless earphone for when I’m out walking my dogs. Wires can get in the way. I didn’t want anything expensive, and noticed the Q32 were one of the cheaper options and had Bluetooth 5, which I thought would pair nicely with my Samsung S9, also Bluetooth 5.

    So I big the bullet and have a pair. First Impressions, not bass heavy, although I do get the odd connection drop compared to my AirPods which never seem to drop connection. I seen the review by Peddler , but don’t understand how he got no connection issues.

    I’ve got more testing to do with more devices and will report back.

    I will say, they look amazing and the presentation makes me wonder how they can sell them so cheap.
  2. Peddler
    I have experienced the occasional drop out with these headphones but not enough to really bother me too much. I've noticed my Airpods also dropping out a little more frequently than before - I suspect the player is also producing these dropouts as they tend to be minimised after re-booting my phone. My old phone was the Galaxy Note 2 which definitely didn't have as good Bluetooth stability as my new phone (LG V20).

    As with all my reviews I always take into account the price - the Q32's are a fraction of the price of the Airpods. Even though my phone doesn't have Bluetooth 5, the connection with the Q32's is more reliable than their earlier true wireless headphones.

    I still prefer the Airpods for most of the time but the additional isolation offered with the Q32'S is sometimes beneficial when out and about.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018
  3. gavinfabl
    For the price, they are very good. Nothing beats the AirPods at the moment for maintaining a perfect connection IMO. I’ve now compared the Q32 vs my AirPods, Bose truly Wireless Soundsport Earphones and the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. These have delivered for me a low cost wire free earphone for when I’m walking my dogs that I like the sound of. I’m amazed the used Bluetooth 5 too.
  4. Peddler
    I must admit that even though the Q32's represent excellent value for money and have a pretty impressive, non-offensive sound quality, I still love ny Airpods. Whilst they're definitely not perfect they too offer a non-offensive sound quality in an extremely convenient package. The Q32's are definitely useful for wearing in bed as they offer far better isolation so you can go up a notch or two on the volume without disturbing the wife.

    I'm continually looking out for a set of true wireless earbuds which feature both APtX and use balanced armatures (or hybrids). It's gonna happen - the question is will it be a well known brand that's first to the punch or one of the 'lesser' Chinese manufacturers. I strongly suspect that it's going to be a company like SoundPEATS given how quickly they've managed to release the inexpensive Q32''s to the market.

    On a side note, 1More's IbFree wireless earbuds really impressed me. Featuring APtX and special 'breathed on' drivers I was really super impressed with their sound quality - unfortunately they have a wire connecting the two buds together. Their sound quality reminded me of the excellent Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10's. Perhaps 1More could make a true wireless which encapsulates the qualities of their IBFree.

    I keep looking at the new(ish) Jabra true wireless earbuds but they don't appear to me to offer much over their cheaper counterparts (except perhaps the excellent call quality they're famous for). Their styling looks pretty good and I suspect they have a better fit.
  5. Peddler
    Quick update on the Q32's - just tried the light blue Sony tips - fits easily, improves the insertion depth slightly and - wait for it - they still fit in the charging case. Yay! These offer slightly better isolation and clean up the sound signature slightly - slightly better defined lows and highs. I need to get properly drunk before I can really tell though. Just thought I would share.
  6. farisq
    Yay finally soundpeats Q32 thread
    I just received this last week. I can connect it with my handphone coz of the bluetooth 5.0 compatible. But unfortunately not to my DAP Cayin N3. Is there any workaround...?

    And the dropout connection I did experience it when I move like from one room to another room in my house, or when I sit down.

    Question, how do I listen only to the left pair without need to switch on the right one? Also, I wish it can also control the volume...
  7. Peddler
    You can pair just the left headphone to your phone. Keep the right one in the case, press and hold the power switch on the earbud and the phone will see it as a stand-alone mono bud.

    When you want to use them as a stereo pair, simply power up the right one first - should work OK

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