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SoundMAGIC PL50 Earphones

  1. shaun_g
    SoundMAGIC PL50 IEM Earphones

    Source: SoundMAGIC PL50 Launched @ HiFi Headphones

    SoundMAGIC have this week launched the PL50 earphone. The SoundMAGIC PL50 is a sound isolating earphone that looks set to compete with high end IEMs from Shure and Ultimate Ears.


    The PL50 is SoundMAGIC's initial step into balanced armature IEM earphones. We're very excited about the PL50 and can't wait to listen to this earphone. HiFi Headphones will be getting stock in the next week or two.

    Over the last year SoundMAGIC has taken the earphone World by storm with new high quality earphone products at entry level prices, including the excellent PL30 and PL11. The PL30 has had plenty of excellent reviews on the Head-fi.org forums since it was launched.

    The SoundMAGIC PL11 has also rapidly gained credibility as the best entry level earphone - rivalling industry standards like the Sennheiser CX300-II. The PL11 has superb low end bass response and build quality that compares well with many much more expensive manufacturers. Stuff Magazine recently published a review of the SoundMAGIC PL11 and gave it a glowing review.

    SoundMAGIC PL50 Photos

    For more photos of the SoundMAGIC PL50 see below:


    SoundMAGIC PL50 IEM Earphones


    SoundMAGIC PL50 in Box

    More Information

    For the complete SoundMAGIC earphone range and plenty of other high quality IEM earphones, please visit HiFi Headphones.
  2. Benaiir
    Looks exciting.
  3. robjrock
    Do you know when these will be in stock? Do you know the price? Sounds very interesting...
  4. jawor121
    Are they available to buy yet?I looked them up in google and the price's gonna be about 65-70$ but i couldn't find where to get them from.
  5. shaun_g
    We are expecting stock of the SoundMAGIC PL50 early next week. The price will be around £50 (exact price TBC).

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