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Soundmagic PL30 or what else for Sansa Clip audiopunk = natural sound lover

  1. BangOn
    It's $25 with shipping to Europe from Ebay top rated seller. What else for similar price?
  2. BangOn
    Maybe some Brainwavz/ViSang or Xears Bullet XB120PRO?
  3. BangOn
    Is my question that too difficult?

  4. Angelopsaro
    not difficult but out of place. You should post in pl30 threat.
    Nevertheless, to answer your question, in similar price you could buy the soundmagic pl30 for 22$ from mp4nation.net
    Or if you want something different try its successor, the e30.
    I wont consider the brainwavz series neutral, live or natural. More on the thick dynamics-warm side.
  5. BangOn
    1. Angelopsaro,






    this was helpful.


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