Soundmagic pl-30 20.00 shipped
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The e-mail I sent to foclprice

HI: I bought the soundmagic pl-30 from great-sounds for 52.00 shipped and ordered a pair from you for 20.00 shipped. The pl-30 are one fantastic sounding iem. I mean these pl-30 sound better than some 200.00 iem. What a great,fantastic,super buy from you guys and girls.

Now my challange to all of you at foclprice is to come up with a 50.00 iem that sounds much better than the pl-30 and just blows me away for 50.00 that sounds better than 300.00-400.00 iem. Thank You I will be a loyal custermer because of your great prices. Thanks again. LOU T

When focalprice rise the price we know to whom we have to be grateful

You are a true genius (yes, I'm ironic)
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Originally Posted by lewislink /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yeah, it'll fit in a pocket pretty easy. It's about 2.5 x 1 inch.

Cool. I think I may have to take the plunge and by these phones. I just hate that I'll have to wait like 3 weeks to get them.
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I received mine today from FocalPrice. I posted my initial findings on the impressions thread. Check it out.
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Ordered them from focalprice two days ago... will be waiting for my package...

So have we confirmed yet that the pl-30's from focalprice are real, not fake?
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I think it has been confirmed that the PL30 from FocalPrice is the real deal. It even says "Genuine Sound Magic" on the site now. I am really enjoying them. I just got them yesterday.
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Somebody compare the sound quality on these to KSC75s since they're both super bang for the buck, and pretty much non-isolating portable solutions.
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Just a heads up- Focalprice does sell fake stuff, not sure how genuine these are, but for sure the Senn's and Sony's are fake.
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I compared mine to the Koss KSC35, and I felt they were pretty similar. The Koss may have been a little brighter. I felt like the PL30 was smoother with less edginess than the Koss. Overall, I think they are great for what they are at $20. Everyone that owns some KSC** should get these as well.

Again, as I've said on the the other PL30 thread. Don't mess with the bass knobs because they are very fragile. Mine came off and I think the sound got much worse. They sound great the way they are shipped, so I recommend pretending the bass knobs aren't there.
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Originally Posted by Superpang /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Just a heads up- Focalprice does sell fake stuff, not sure how genuine these are, but for sure the Senn's and Sony's are fake.

And you know this because?

When accusing a business of fraud it behooves to offer some proof.
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I put stuff in the holes but took it out. I really like the sound much better with the open holes. I head all kinds of highs and a much better sound.
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Hi there guys,

I'm not here to scare you guys,

Ordered a few pieces of CX-300s from them, and got to listen to their stuff. The IEMs sound really good and thought that it could probably be genuine since they state that they are genuine products. (I've never own one before)

The earphones split into 2 after a few weeks of usage and I thought it was a manufacturing glitch. Thinking that it may be more expensive to ship it back to Focalprice, I decided to bring my earphones to the local Sennheiser to check.. only to find out that they are superbly copied earphones. Not the original ones that we buy from Sennheiser itself.

The technicians of Sennheiser tested the earphones with their machines, they said that the sound is very close to theirs, except that their drivers are different. I even showed them the packaging, and they simply said that it is fake when they touched the box. Thereafter they took out an original piece from their inventory and told me to touch the box itself. It was hard and sturdy, as compared to theirs.

The technicians were nice people. They sealed the earphones back for me for free and told me to get the original set if I want to. But I'd just probably stick with these imitations since the sound was good afterall. But definitely, if i were to get some original earphones, I'd not get from Focalprice. If you guys are ok with highly copied earphones, you guys can go ahead with it though..

I was tempted to get the PL30s after I got the earphones... so tempted when I see the price difference and the good comments... especially when I was listening to the CX-300, and reading the comments u guys put up.

I'm not sure for PL30 in terms of originality though, they may claim that it is original sets, but there may be a tendency that it is just another repeated issue of overpromise. They may not be aware that their goods are counterfeits also. So if you guys are going for the authentic ones, go to get. At least their prices are not so low to be compromised.

I'm still thinking of whether to get the 20bucks earphones from them too~ But if they are really counterfeits, i'd not pay $2 for it also. Its just a waste of my money after all~~

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