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SoundMAGIC HP200

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ostewart, Oct 23, 2012.
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  1. thesheik137
    Is it just me or do the HP200s seem really heavy? After an extended listening session, they began to hurt my neck. It was either due to their weight or that I was really tired, but it got pretty uncofmortable after 1.5 hrs, maybe even less.
  2. KERBY
    Do they need amping? i found a good deal on these
  3. nmatheis Contributor
    No, amping is not necessary. I do use them with a DAP, though.
  4. thesheik137
    No and yes. They sound just fine without an amp, but a nice warm (tube) amp will make them shine imo
  5. Hisoundfi Contributor
    This one took forever, but I think I really nailed the essence of both pairs:
    Happy Saturday fellas!
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    Hisoundfi: Nice! Makes want to try a pair of HP150 to complement my HP200.

    One thing I'll note is that despite having smaller ears that don't stick out much, my ears do touch the inner foam pads which is really annoying for me. I'm going to swap out for the Brainwavz pads for that reason and might eventually swap out to the newer angled Brainwavz pads someday.

    Another thing I'll note is that I love the large-ish round cups. Reminds me of the cups in my HE400 - just lacking in depth as noted above. Why do I like this? The large round cups really keep my ears from heating up too quickly vs. smaller, oval cups.
  7. sardar17
    Just got these babies last week and i am pretty happy for it.
    These are my first pair of headphones...........both open or closed.
    So i just had iem's to compare this to and i used vc1000,vc02 and b3pro1 for this.Sad to say that it clobbers the vsonic vc1000 in everything except the bass quantity not the quality.
    Bass---These have a great texture and layering and all depends on the recordings u have got.In a nutshell do not except boomy or hard hitting bass from these.So people listening to edm,pop,rap will be disappointed with this.
    The bass is actually awesome for rock music drums and classical and good recordings of pop music but nowhere near the levels that even my vsonic vc1000 does and by the way thats considered a bass light bright iem,lol.
    MIDS----Amazing is the freaking word here,the presentation is so natural,u will check ur source or track many times to see whether its working properly.Thats what happened to me going from vc1000,the difference is really night and day.VC1000 sounded downright muddy in mids with much more warmer.But the mids of vc1000 are more intimate and meaty probably due to superb isolation.But they sound totally out of league vs hp200.Comparison with b3 pro 1 was a joke,,i gave my b3 pro1 to a friend of mine after that comparison,not joking by the way.
    Highs----The only weak point if the tracks are bad,recording is not good enough.The clarity is astounding and extension is great however its sibilance prone on some artists so u may end up not able to increase the volume even if u want to.But this problem was mainly apparent for female vocals,,,,,only on a small number of tracks.
    To put things in perspective they are as sibilant as vsonic gr07,remembering from the memory but brain burn in will probably blunt the effect.Thats a plus and a negative depending on the track.
    Bassheads,pop lovers,edm and rap lovers should look for something else.Not that bass is poor,its not but u will find the quantity to be slightly less.
    Now i am yet to get my e17 which will be coming in a week or so but i will test hp200 with bass boost on to further refresh this short impression.
    Piano lessons,porcupine tree--24 bit flac
    Even less,porcupine tree------24 bit wav
    Say it right,nelly furtado------16 bit flac
    All good things,nelly furtado---16 bit flac
    Maneater,nelly furtado--------16 bit flac
    Time,pink floyd----------------24 bit flac
    Comfortably numb,pink floyd---24 bit flac
    Koi aane waya hai,strings------16 bit flac
    Thriller and beat it,michael j----16 bit flac
    The court of crimson king------16 bit flac
    Epitaph,king crimson-----------16 bit flac.
    Unamped fiio x1
    Lumia 730
  8. GloriousLettuce
  9. screwedpeep
    Which amp do you guys pair this with? i have a Cayin C5 and it works tremendously well with my iBasso DX50. I have since upgraded to DX80 for portable set up and i need the treble to be tamed a bit more. I love the soundstage and details from DX80-C5 pairing but i need something warmer for my desktop set up. Probably something around $300 for DAC+amp combo and support DSD.
    Any suggestions are highly appreciated guys! Thanks!
  10. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I would say ditch the amp, the DX80 has plenty of power. 
    what headphones are you driving?
  11. screwedpeep

    I'm driving SoundMagic HP200. Yeah sure it got plenty of power but the treble is too harsh especially on female vocal. I need it to be tamed a bit. Sure I can play with EQ but it's not something I'm fond of.
    I can live with that for a portable set up. Somehow i need DAC+amp as a decent desktop set up, that have a good synergy with HP200.
  12. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I would say either use the eq then, or consider a smoother treble response earphone.

    The DX80 doesn't have an exaggerated treble response. You're probably going to experience this with every source you use.

    Maybe you could try a rockboxed clip zip?
  13. sardar17
    Doubtful if a source can have this much effect,wait for a few weeks,if brain burn in does not occur get something else with smoother signature.
  14. nraymond
    Anyone have some long-term thoughts/opinions to share on the HP200? I've always been curious about them, and while they seem to have gotten quite a few positive reviews (including a number of people here a few years back) there have also been some negative reviews out there as well, including some people who've had bad experiences with long-term durability (hinge and/or cable breaking down). What have people experiences been?

    When I look at the measurements, it strikes me that the HP200 looks like it has some characteristics like the Beyerdynamic T90 (a similar magnitude treble peak) but a number of differences (more variations across the frequency range, more upper treble roll-off, better sub-bass performance...) Do people's experiences bear that out?


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