SoundMAGIC E11C OR Klipsch R6i II?
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May 27, 2019
I'm looking for 70$ +- IEM with fine audio, inline reomte&mic, underear and no soundleakage.

Iv'e found these two and I need your opinion, which one is better? maybe you recommend different IEM in this price range and with those advantages?

Thank you!
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I've never tried the Klipsch, but I have enjoyed the Soundmagic E11.
Have you ever had the E10? The E11 is similar, but with a "cleaner" sound.
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The build quality of the E11 is very good. Not the best for noise isolation or leakage though. The Klipsch are much better in that regard.

I don't currently use either but from memory the E11 are more balanced than the R6i. I recall the R6i being a bit bass heavy.
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haven't tried any product from Soundmagic. How's the build quality?
Thank you.
I've heard about their earphones stopping working after less than a year but I have owned alot of the Soundmagic earphones (they were my go-to brand at one point) and have never had a problem with their build quality.
It depends on how you treat your gear obviously, but I do generally take good care of my stuff apart from using some of the Soundmagics while exercising at the gym.
I am using the E11 as I write this now, and there are strain reliefs on the cable at the Y-split and at the jack.
Isolation isn't the best though so it wouldn't be the greatest option for noisier commutes, air travel etc.
The sound is balanced and isn't the most detailed, but it is very pleasant and enjoyable to listen to. :)
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