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SoundMAGIC E10 vs SoundMAGIC E30's, please help

  1. dancooper93
    I think I am going to get one of these pairs for my budget pair of earphones, they both seem like good products for the price. 
    However I cannot decide between the two, I will be using them for mainly music but also some films and TV.
    I will also use these when running and at the gym but I believe I can wear both over the ear so that they fit and stay in my ears well?
    What pair are better in sound quality and durability, does anyone know of where I can buy an over the ear guides for the E10's?
    I am thinking of getting some Phonak Audeo Ear Guides for the E10's, would these fit?
    Many thanks for your help!
  2. dancooper93
  3. Tech Maverick
    i am having the same dilema , but instead of the E30s , iam looking at the PL30s i just cant decide , at the moment its the pl30s i think
  4. HeatFan12 Contributor
    The PL30s bass is still on vacation and we are awaiting its return...lol...The E10s are nice with a balanced sound.  Look at the MEElectronic offerings.  Many to choose from and to include them for gym use, with their sturdy cables is a definite plus..
  5. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I love my e30s. I couldn't get a good fit with their supplied tips, but the sony hybrid tips always work for me so I went with them. Very balanced with good bass. The sound staging could be a little better, and it's not the best looking iem, but it's a great product.

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