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Soundcard for DSP only best possible console setup?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by davebruno, Feb 4, 2018.
  1. davebruno
    Hi guys,

    So I just ordered T1 Bayerdynamic and I'm thinking of selling my SB X7 in order to buy something more powerful/higher end components to drive it.

    But I want to keep the features from X7:
    5.1 optical (from console) to 2.0 virtual surround using SBX
    Ability to mix console game and console chat seperately and mix in pc input.
    Ability to EQ the sound using a visual interface.
    Need seperate input from the mic/party chat and output via mic into console.

    Would like additionally to have DTS or better input to take advantage of higher quality audio out (X7 only has DD5.1)

    Im thinking that I can use the optical out from the X7 into a higher end DAC/AMP such as shiit stack etc, then I can use all the creative features but bypass the mid-fi components, but wonder if there is a better PCI card that takes optical in but can decode DTS or something better than DD5.1?? - Also the X7 has good resale value and figure its wasted as only DSP so maybe lower end card does the same job?

    Hopefully this makes sense can anyone confirm or give me any input on this, I read the T1 scale very well to higher end source so I want to streamline everything.. I would love to get the 7.1 source but I think this only comes from PS4 via HDMI and I dont want to add any input lag from a receiver but also seen some sort of ARC splitter not sure if I can go down this route? Or can I get a reciver that does 7.1 to DH/SC and it be completely free of input lag? like ~1/2ms max as I play primarily competitive..

    Thanks for any help

  2. Fan0Cans
    if you want to keep the features of the X7.. why not keep the X7? I dont know of one other device that does all that in one package (there might be, i dont know everything lol)
    I use a Mixamp for all my audio needs.. pc and consoles. i run multiple inputs using a variety of methods and ways using the mixamp.

    the X7 is already a DAC.. running it to another DAC isnt going to make it any better. so you can just buy the Amp and not the dac.
    As far as EQ'ing.. for pc.. EqualizerAPO with Peace UI. Schiit makes the LOKI you can run in conjunction with their schiit amp if you want hardware control, but theres no LED's to show peak meter.

    You can use the Schiit Amp with the X7 (at least you should be able to), and have little to no issues.


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