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Soundaware P1 Loaner Program

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  1. soundaware
    Hi guys.

    It is a great pleasure to find out so many people are interested in Soundaware P1.

    So I promised I would organize a loaner program when I come back from Siav.

    And here I am!

    Read P1's description if you still don't know what it is.


    1. Pls sign up in this thread with “I’d like to try P1” and anything else you want to say. Then send email to market@soundaware.net with your name, address, phone number and your head-fi user name. A picture of your equipment will be a extra point.

    2. I will choose some participants and confirm with you by emails.

    3. Once you are chosen, you need to buy this link https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Soundaware-P1-loaner-program-on-Head-Fi/3548007_32866267326.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.34bc3905eggEdP it costs 1 dollar. Pls notice the address you enter in the order will be exactly the one you are going to receive P1. So this is very important. After the program is over, $1 will not be returned. So basically it means this loaner program need $1. (#^.^#) Only when I receive your order on Aliexpress, you are officially in this P1 loaner program. (PS. I don’t want to earn $1, just try to ensure I won’t lose my product)

    4. Each participant can keep P1 for 2 weeks to collocate with your devices. Then you must send it to another participant with the original packing. Email me the tracking number so that I can inform the next recipient. Better take pictures when you receive and send the package.

    5. You MUST write a review in this thread and then post it anywhere else you want.

    That's all.
    Good Luck everyone.

    A big thank you for your enthusiasm!
    The final participants are:




    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  2. LCMusicLover
    I’d like to try P1

    I'd like to compare it with my current SS balanced amps -- Violectric v280 and Bryston BHA-1. I'm especially interested in hearing how it drives my Focal Utopia headphone. I'll also report how it sounds with my ZMF Auteur, HifiMan HEKv2 and MrSpeakers Ether Flow cans. All listening will be through balanced output via some good quality headphone cables (Silver Dragon, Cardas Clear).

  3. glassmonkey
    I’d like to try P1. 14W should probably interesting with the HiFiMAN Susvara.
  4. Mshenay Contributor
    I'd love to give it a shot as well
  5. ngoshawk
    I would like to try the P1. A comparison of previous tour desktop amps I have used would be kind of interesting.

    Thank you for the opportunity!
  6. ahmadfaizadnan
    @soundaware I have a quick question. Would there be any limit in participants and when will it start?
    I'll be out of the country early may until end of June. Just wondering if I could be the last one the list if I join.

  7. XVampireX
    I can confirm, it's amazing with the Focal Utopia :)
  8. wazzupi
    I’d like to try P1

    I'm looking for the horizon, after my Cayin iha-6 purchase i don't see a reason to upgrade because it was such a great value purchase. I hope to review the p1 and see where that goes. if you'd give me the chance to be a part of the loaner program I'd appreciate it, as it would send me down a path to continue through my audiophile journey.
  9. shenanbay
    I’d like to try P1

    Looking to try the p1 with the hd6xx and the audeze lcd-x.
  10. soundaware
    Comfirmed! You are selected in the trial.
  11. soundaware
    Hi, pls send your personal information to my email.
  12. soundaware
    There is no limit.
    But one participant can hold 2 weeks, so of course July is not too late. You can apply.
    ahmadfaizadnan likes this.
  13. soundaware
    information to my email pls.:kissing_smiling_eyes:
  14. soundaware
  15. ngoshawk
    Email has been sent. Thank you again for the opportunity. :beerchug:
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