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SOUNDAWARE M1(PRO) Portable Player with Proprietary FPGA Architecture

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by soundaware, Jan 15, 2015.
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  1. soundaware
    Review tour for M1 & M1Pro is on going, for more information CLICK HERE
    Some friends asked the specific difference of the two versions.I am not a connoisseur, even not good at describing the sound effect with appropriate adjective. So please forgive me. Below is just for your reference.

    1. Vitality Version
    With more dynamic and compact effect, the voice is more clear and tight.

    Especially, on the part of high frequency, the sound seems more like the morning sunlight." quoted from one audiophile' review in China.

    This version is focused on neutrally playing back every details of sound, playback the same as original music data at the most. Not only the output sound is pure, fluent, balance, but also the playback will be ultra-low distortion, with as less as pollution.

    2. Analog Version
    "Sounds is very soothing, like the golden light below the setting sun. And the details are also clear, not harsh. " quoted from one audiophile' review in China. This version is characterized by making sure the sound more emotional, more lively, as if you hear the sound at the spot, is more like the traditional old CDP.
    How to distinguish them? ​
    By color, you may think. No, for analog edition, there is a sinogram on the back side. Youth edition doesn't has.
    On 23rh May, an audition activity was held on Dongyu Audio store in Nanjing. Not only Esther, desktop player like A200S, A200, A280C CD-One are also for audiophiles audition. Below is the experience of Esther shared from one music enthusiast. Original text is Chinese, I translate it to English.(if you could read Chinease, you could click: http://erji.net/read.php?tid=1812668&fpage=0&toread=&page=1)
    "Original I’m just intent to have a look at Esther from Soundaware today. But, she surprised me a lot.
    You will like her at once you just see the appearance, small size, good hand feeling. The thinness is just 15mm. Design of the UI is excellent, it is okay to use it even without OI. The view screen is much better than 901, even better than N6, I think. Body is warm when playing.
    Manufacture said it could last for 9hours, on the high gain volume, playing ISO files with HD600, which is very good.
    Esther has two editions: Analog and Vitality versions. According to their engineer’s words, they are designed for different audiophiles’ favorite. Actually, obvious difference could heard easily.During the limited time, I just listened to some familiar songs within the device carefully, like Field Of Gold, Autumn Leaves of Eva Cassidy, RAdka Toneff, The Moon is a harsh mistress, which are sang only accompanied by Guitar or Piano. So I couldn’t value the performance on low frequency. ……"

    "Brief impression on two editions:

    (Ps: saw K3 on the poster, I carry my K3 along to the site. K3 has tormented me a lot)
    Firstly, I listened to Analog Edition, a fully burned one after one without preheat. In a word,
    Analog edition lives up to its reputation, output excellent analog sound.
    No need to placing earphone completely into ears, medium frequency sound is very smooth(the one without preheat is much less smooth than fully burned one).
    Sounds is very soothing, slowly, like the golden light below the setting sun. And the details are also clear, not harsh.
    It is surprised that singer’s dental voice could be hardly heard using K3. And the voice sound is very comfortable, powerful, never be cheesed. When I used K3 before, sound is very light. With Esther, the problem never appeared. Wow! I am satisfied with Esther, love the sound of smooth, no missing active. 
    Now, it’s Vitality Edition, which is obviously different from Analog Edition. The sound is more bright, rhythm is a little fast, details are more distinct.Especially, on the part of high frequency, the sound seems more like the morning sunlight.
    Then the Analog edition more like the warm nightfall sunlight, with a sense of leisure.
    Because of the more dynamic and compact, the voice is more clear and tight. But after the comparison of the two editons, I like the Analog edition more.

    I also compared Esther with M3, which I tried before. When using M3 , the sound could also be relatively smooth. But matched with K3, Esther could supply more powerful resolution, more details, better balance than M3, I think. With M3, the sound is relatively smooth, enthusiastic, but a little disharmony, the details on high or low frequency is blurry.

    I feel that Esther find the excellent balance between the playback quality and music feeling. Especially the Analog edition, it is very comfortable to enjoy the music, but without what youmay think, blurred fake analog
    V1.0.076 is the latest firmware. To get more upgrade information of V1.0.076, please click here
    Here is the link for download the firmware package directly, but please read the note txt in the package carefully before upgrade.
    Soundaware Audio Co.,Ltd.
    Room 4-409, Mingfa Commercial Plaza, No.99 Yulan Road,Nanjing City, JiangsuProvince, P.R.C.

    Service Hour

    Mon - Sat: 9:00 am to 12:00 and 13:00 to 18:00
    Close on Sunday and Public holidays

    Tel: +86(0)25-52894989
    Skype: mary.cui89
    WeChat: 157072420
    E-mail: market@soundaware.net
    Phone: +86-(0)25-52894989
    Post code: 210000

    Introduction thread in this forum: http://www.head-fi.org/t/739605
    Soundaware Audio Official Websites
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  2. Tyhja
    Any specs?
  3. soundaware
    Fortunately, on CanJam London on August 29-30, our distributor carry our Esther there. Below pictures for your reference.


    We do appreciate Musica Acoustics' help.

  4. audionewbi
    What price are they going to retail for?
  5. zzffnn
    Price? Firmware? Storage capacity of Diva? DLNA? Thank you.
  6. tomscy2000
    0.002% THD into what kind of load? 10k? 600? 32?
  7. soundaware
    The retail price will be released within 2 months.
  8. soundaware
    Dive's storage capicity 
    THD+N : 150 ohm
  9. soundaware
    The price of Esther will be updated in March 2015.
    SOUNDAWARE Diva is in research and test, for more info. pls kindly wait.[​IMG]
  10. tomscy2000
    20-20k bandwidth? Or 10-100k bandwidth?
    Also, for the FIFO reclocking, what is the rate of the word clock in this case? 22.579/24.576 MHz oscillators (versus 45.158/49.152 or 90.318/98.304) usually mean that the functional sampling of the DAC won't exceed 128fs for 44.1 and 48 kS/s data. Depending on the manufacturer, some chips sound better at lower oversampling, while others perform better at maximum oversampling. What will Esther be using?
  11. notsimar
    Looks interesting, will have to see how it turns out.
  12. zzffnn

    Thanks. Is Esther's firmware based on Android or Linux? Does Esther has streaming ( DLNA) ability?
  13. soundaware
    Esther's firmware is based on Linux.
    Esther has streaming ( DLNA) ability, and this ability later will be updated.[​IMG]
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  14. pekingduck
    Is the Diva the flagship player?
  15. zzffnn

    ^ Very nice. Would Esther be able to run Spotify or similar kind of internet radio? That can be a good selling point for people in US or Europe.
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