sound terms definition ,
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Jun 1, 2012
before getting lost in the vast of terms ,can one define them ;
treble= is part of the high frequency range ?
sound stage= is how of a nice balance of all frequency's without black spots ? = quantity so to say ???
dynamic= is the quality of sound stage in power ?
fidelity = is the quality of sound stage not really quantity or quality but in depth and more into the high freq ??
bass = is how spacy and airy its perceived ?
I guess I have it all wrong can one shed some light here ?
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I'm guessing English is not your first language.
While I'm extremely tempted to simply leave a link to an online dictionary and say "welcome to the internet", I'll answer your question anyway.
treble = high frequencies
fidelity = purity (used to describe how the original recording/electronic signal's purity is maintained)
bass = low frequencies

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