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Sound Science Music Thread: Pass it on!

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bigshot, Apr 27, 2018.
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  1. bigshot
    Since Sound Science is our island within HeadFi, we need to be able to discuss the topics that exist outside our forum in the rest of HeadFi. This one will be the Sound Science version of the music forum.

    The idea here is to post something you think is great music. You should probably add a few comments telling why you think it's great and even add technical info if you can. Feel free to respond to a post with your comment "response song".

    I'll get the ball rolling... This is from an LP that I've had since it came out many decades ago. In fact, I went out and bought three copies of it so I could have a beater copy, a carefully treated copy and an untouched one. It probably is the best sounding LP that I've ever heard.

    This album was recorded direct to disc, which means that the cutting lathe was running in the control room while the musicians were playing. They had to cut the record from the beginning of the side to the end with no stopping and no mistakes. That was quite a tall order for both the musicians and the engineers who were quickly setting up the presets for each song in the silent groove between songs.

    When you play this video click on the little gear and select 720p, and you will get the best sound quality stream. Play it through speakers if you can.

    Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues: The Missing Link Vol II

    Here is a clip of Mayorga talking about his career...

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  2. sonitus mirus
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  3. Glmoneydawg
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  4. colonelkernel8
  5. colonelkernel8
    Here’s a fairly new tune from an artist I enjoy. The vibrato she sometimes uses isn’t for everyone but she has a hell of a voice and her songwriting is fantastic.

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  6. Glmoneydawg
    I try to justify that as the charm of some recordings...Johny Walker can help with this.
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  7. RRod
    I assume the CD issue was well done, given that it's Sheffield? Also, you can use something like youtube-dl to view and download specific formats from YouTube.
  8. bigshot
    Yes, I think this video is done off the CD actually. It sounds better than the LPs did. They ran a backup tape at 30 ips, and that was the master they used for the CD. There is only one Mayorga album that they had to source from vinyl on the Sheffield collection.
  9. SilverEars
    Jazz at the Pawnshop. Need I say more? High technical achievements.
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  10. SilverEars
    I thought the melody was similsr to Radio Head (ok computer), but her lyrics are just fantastic. She can write.
  11. bigshot
    Someone has uploaded the (semi) HD version of the greatest live rock show ever. This is the one where Mick Jagger said they made the biggest mistake of their career... insisting on top billing after James Brown.

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  12. bigshot
    We're discussing electronic music in the test thread. Here is my favorite synth record. I have loved it since I was a kid because it is wonderfully goofy. Click HD for best sound.

  13. Glmoneydawg
    Yep they really captured the club ambience there....you can almost hear the cigarettes smoldering in the ashtrays lol
  14. bigshot
    If you like that, you'll probably also like Lee Ritenour's Overtime. There is a great blu-ray out of it with a terrific surround mix. One of the best sounding jazz concerts I've ever heard. Select 720p for best sound.

    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
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  15. gregorio
    Due to various comments all over head-fi, including here in this sub-forum, there's something I'm curious to check. When you see a music video like this, of a band performing/recording a song in a studio, do you believe it? Do you think that it's actually a video of the recording in progress? This question isn't aimed at you specifically colonelkernel8 but at anyone who cares to answer.

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