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Sound Science Corner Pub

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bigshot, Feb 6, 2018.
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  1. bigshot
    We've had several Sound Science Lounges over the years. I started the first one because I thought that "the regulars" needed a thread where they could let their hair down and not have to defend arguments or provide proofs... a place for us to socialize and chat about subjects without a strict topic. Later, it became a bunker for us to hunker down in when many of us were being harassed. Then came the diaspora and most of the old crew dispersed to other forums. Amid greatly reduced ranks and many missing comrades, the latest Objectivist Board Room was created and it served its purpose well. But I think it's time to put a period at the end of that sentence and start a new era.

    I'd like to go back to the original purpose of the lounge... a relaxed place for all of us to hang out and let go of all of the competitiveness and animosity. This is our space to make friends and hang out.

    I hope that someday Sound Science can get back to the way it was before the diaspora. There were a lot of wonderful, entertaining and knowledgeable people in this group. They contributed great things. I've spoken to a few of them in the Sound Science Misery Lounge on Facebook and most of them have a bad taste in their mouth about HeadFi. But if we create the proper environment again, perhaps they'll trickle back. And perhaps we'll get a new crop of great folks to help raise this forum back up to its potential.

    There are a lot of old timers I'd love to see come back.... Steve Eddy, xnor, nick_charles, Ethan Winer, lots of others... This group would be better with input like theirs. I'm hoping we can create a new fresh start. I'm willing to make the effort.
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  2. Whazzzup
    Let’s start with cable talk. :wink:

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  3. bigshot
    Ha! Our first troublemaker!

    (what kind of animal is that? I want one)
  4. b0ck3n
    It's funny because I haven't been around here since back when "He who shan't be named" caused a right ****storm on HeadFi, but I recognize all the names you listed (well Ethan's a no-brainer) and probably for good reason.

    That is actually my wife. I don't know what she's doing on another man's shoulder.
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  5. Strangelove424
    Sounds good to me. I miss those guys. Hope they are doing well, and make a return.

    Oy. Let's not.

    A sloth I believe. They creep me out enough that, personally, I would shoot one on sight. But to each his own hell-spawn monster.
  6. b0ck3n
    My wife's not actually a sloth, but she sure as hell reminds me of one. And really, aren't all wives hell-spawn monsters in their own ways?
  7. Strangelove424
    Luckily I don't have one! I jumped off a train wreck not too long ago, and am enjoying the peace.

    There's a certain company that decided to market their components, often discussed on head-fi, with some very schitty puns. Don't worry about self-sensor... or just add a "c" to every bad word!
  8. castleofargh Contributor
    well the good thing about your hell-spawn monster is that once you see one rushing to get you, you can relax and finish your coffee. then go to the store, buy a gun, come back, and chances are it will still be "rushing" in your yard.
    I saw a few when I was living in French Guiana, even one that invaded our garden. it was the kind with 3 claws, and that guy was the slowest mofo I've ever met even compared to other sloths. it spent like 40 minutes to get across 3 trees and maybe 5 meters on the ground. can't say if it was "running away" from me, or if it really just couldn't care less, but it felt like my own escape was fairly secured the all time ^_^. out of all the stuff I got to cross path with, a sloth is not on top of my creep list. not even in the top 50. although they're a little disgusting in person all weirdly wet and moldy.

    I've got someone telling me that amirm is nwavguy. when it comes to pub gossip, it's going to be hard to top that one.
  9. jgazal
  10. Strangelove424
    That's exactly why they're creepy, they're like boneless lumps of molasses flesh creeping along the ground. How can you trust something whose rate of speed you can't judge without time lapse video? Also, I'm American, and have been given the inalienable right to shoot at things which I don't understand or find vaguely confusing.
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  11. castleofargh Contributor
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  12. Zapp_Fan
    I personally think it would be cool if Ethan Winer came back, I have his book.
  13. bigshot
    I stumbled across a couple of Sheffield Lab CDs at Amazon the other day... a two CD set of all three Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues albums, and Dave Grusin Discovered Again Plus. Back in the pre-CD era, these were my goto albums for great sound. They were recorded live direct to disk with no intermediary master on tape. I put on the Distinguished Colleagues album and sure enough, it had the exact same great sound I remember with a few live mixing errors sprinkled in at all the same places. No need for those albums any more. The CD replaces them/

    Then I put on the Grusin... It sounded *better* than the old record. There were always spots on Sheffield Labs direct to disks where the mixer would miss a cue and a drum hit would go into distortion a little. But the Grusin album was absolutely perfect. You could hear the drummer dig in, but everything was perfectly controlled. So I dug out the liner notes... there was a difference between the two CDs. The Distinguished Colleagues was transferred from vinyl by Seth Winner. But the Grusin was derived from a 2 track stereo tape they ran as a backup during that session. The tape took the peaks perfectly and on CD it sounds amazing.

    Direct to disk albums definitely are curates eggs, but vinyl is no match for magnetic tape and CD.
  14. Zapp_Fan
    Vinyl is great because of all the massive distortion it introduces to the signal... tape not really as good, but OK. Lots of soft clipping. CD sucks because we have to spend all day trying to pick apart systems to find the distortion and then argue about whether it's even audible in theory. MP3 is by far the worst because the distortion is specifically designed to be inaudible. Where's the fun in that? I want massive THD all over the place so I don't have to wonder if it sounds warm or not.
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  15. nick_charles Contributor
    I check in periodically but am too busy listening to music or working and seem to keep seeing the same old arguments when I log in, there haven't been any good Jitter threads in ....ages...
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