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Sound card with spdif / coax, do they exist ?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by joespride, May 4, 2018.
  1. joespride
    I upgraded My PC (or so I thought) Originally I had an asus with a soundcard (came stock) that had an spdif / coax output. This held near 2 TB of FLAC which I played using J-River through my Dac>Amp> HD800. Sound was superb but Lag / Skipping became an issue. I decided a better PC may make a difference and I wanted USB 3 so I could transfer files faster

    I found a Dell with intel i5 and a 3 TB HD it would also accept another HD (Bonus-Less Clutter, no outboard HD Dock station). Ended up with Dell Optiplex 7010. My issue was only had USB output, No toslink, No Spdif / coax

    I went ahead and picked up a schiit eitr converter and have everything running BUT there is a discernible sound change and I definitely prefer the previous.

    So my question is. Is there a sound card that offers SPDIF / COAX output, I see some cards but they all talk about the DAC which has me scratching my head. Is the DAC on the soundcard Necessary ? I strongly prefer using my Electrocompanient DAC

    Any Advice ? Links certainly appreciated as well.
  2. joespride
  3. Roseval
  4. joespride
    Thanks for the links, I already have a usb converter the schiit eitr, (i Have had several in the past and without spending large loot $$$) I think they are all basically equal in SQ. The only pins I can find on my MB are a spare usb set and SPKR pins. Nothing anywhere about spdif
  5. PurpleAngel Contributor
    An Asus Xonar DG (PCI, $25) or Xonar DGX (PCI-E, $40) sound will allow you to had a S/PDIF optical output port, to the PC

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