Sound card that auto-switches 5.1 or 7.1 to stereo with front panel jack detection?
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New Head-Fier
May 29, 2013
I recently rebuilt my htpc with new components, and I have a very nice 5-channel amp that I have used in the past directly driven from the htpc sound card.  However, now that I have a new baby, my wife and I like to listen to music/movies with our pair of Sennheiser HD600 headphones at night. 
I was disheartened after modding my case with a front-panel headphone jack, installing the HT Omega Claro Halo XT, and setting everything up, that when I plugged in my headphones, the rear-panel outputs muted, but it was still stuck on 5.1, and the only thing I could hear through the headphones were the front right/left channels of my movie (no dialog was audible, because the center channel wasn't being downmixed to stereo).
Are there any hi-end (preferably with amplified front panel headphone jack) sound cards that will mute the rear panel, but ALSO switch from 5.1 to 2.0 automatically when it senses the headphone jack being used?  It seems there are several that mute the rear panel, but none of them actually revert to stereo when they sense the headphones, which kind of makes the whole front-panel headphone jack useless.  I have to go into the driver software to switch the output to 2.0, and with an HTPC without a dedicated mouse or keyboard, this is unworkable.

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