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Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 Multiple Question's

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Milo1230, Sep 12, 2018.
  1. Milo1230
    I know its basically just a Sound BlasterX AE-5 just in a USB soundcard 'layout'. So perhaps the answer is the same. . Looking at the DAC specs, I see it listed it listed as "32-bit / 384kHz". So when I hook this guy up via USB or Optical Cable (I hear its a little better?) - would it be safe to match those above specs? Once again, I hear you run into certain issues on the PC with that rate? Also, what is 'Dolby Decoding'? Is it something I have to activate? Worth it?

    Amp/DAC combo here:


    Thanks Guys
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    To me, not really much difference audio quality wise, between USB and S/PDIF optical, for most practical use.
    I believe optical is limited to 24-bit/192 and the USB connection should go up to 32-bit/384k
    I'm going to guess(?) the USB on the G6 is fully asynchronous USB (benefit for audio).
    USB also bypasses the computer's on-board audio, optical is a function built into the on-board sound card.
    (you can set Windows audio to bypass the sound card features, using S/PDIF (optical & coaxial)}
    Movie disks (DVD & Blu-ray) come with encoded audio tracks (DTS & Dolby), so a Dolby decoding function (software) is need to change the encoded Dolby audio tracks, into separate PCM audio tracks, PCM is a standard audio track, which is what computers (process) and other audio devices work with (like the G6)
    DTS encoded audio tracks can not be decoded by Dolby.
    For watching Blu-ray movies disks (on a PC) try Cylberlinks PowerDVD (should decoded Dolby and DTS audio)
    K-lite (with Media Player Classic) and VLC are great programs (and free) for playing any non-Blu-ray video.

    Anyway back to USB vs optical, I would say to just use USB.
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  3. Chein
    Pretty much what PurpleAngel said, depending on the device USB or Optical might sound better.
    It's not really a AE-5 in a portable enclosure. Looking at the specs the DAC chip is probably the ES9218P which is the "famous" QuadDAC used inside the LG V30/G7, a worthy upgrade over the ES9016 used in the AE-5.
    Combined with the dual (so called) discrete amplification stage from the AE-5 and the additional software features. If everything is well implemented together it might be a worthy "all-in-one" at the 150$ MSRP.

    Dolby Decoding in their software is described like :
    "Play your Dolby Digital media with ease using the integrated decoder. With the Dynamic Range Control, wide volume swings between loud and quiet sounds can be customized to match you! Listening preferences, all without the loss of overall sound quality."
    And you can chose with a slider from "Full" to "Night", the middle ground being "Normal".
    But yeah, it's assuming you have Dolby encoded audio tracks to begin with.
  4. Milo1230
    Hey Chein and Angel! Thanks for responding you too - this is exactly what I was looking for! : ) A wealth of knowledge to kind of dive in of sorts haha. So Angel, very interesting and interesting info you gave me there bud. Yeah, I always thought optical was the way to go, maybe not! I really gotta stop visiting IGN for my audiophile needz :confused::smirk:.. I bought the G6 with 2 Day Shipping and got it today, took out and uninstalled my old soundcard (..was kinda bittersweet, but little F**** was giving me issues).

    Chein. Before I even knew you replied to my thread, I listened too my new USB fella and saw the new Mission Impossible Trailer again.. WoW! This thing IS actually better than the AE-5. I honestly can't believe it! Truly. I always thought Sound Cards are step above anything external - granted, this was a very old mindset that I programmed into myself from a long time ago. I bought some Xonar U7's in my first rig and was like, mhmm this isn't bad. So I just wanted to give my new computer a shot with the AE-5 - great card. But damn, I gotta say guys this "Sound Blasterx G6" is amazzzing:older_man::gs1000smile:. Crazy how they are only a few months apart and such quality, brings my new DT 880s Pros 250ohms to life.
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  5. Clean6eR
    [QUOTE=""Sound Blasterx G6" is amazzzing:older_man::gs1000smile:. Crazy how they are only a few months apart and such quality, brings my new DT 880s Pros 250ohms to life.[/QUOTE]

    hi, i have the creative x7, and the only thing that drives me insane about it is the side tone or mic monitor function, when i use it even with all the effects turned off there is a delay thats bad enough that i couldn't read a magazine aloud with it on without it annoying the hell out of me. Mixer boards and other gaming mix amps dont have this level of delay but dont sound as good as the x7.

    Could you turn on the side tone and try reading a book aloud and see if its instant feedback or if there is a delay please? if you are not sure try turning "listen to this device" on in the windows mic settings and that will show you an example of the delay that plagues the x7.
  6. Brushy
    It actually uses the Cirrus Logic CS43131 instead of the Saber used in the AE-5.

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