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SOtM sMS-200 Modded to accept 2 clock inputs

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  1. spotforscott
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    Up for sale is a modded SoTM sMS-200. It has been modded to accept external clock signals of 24MHz (for USB) and 25MHz (for Ethernet and the mobo) from an external Ultra component. Typically, this would be a tX-USBultra or a dX-USB HD Ultra, that has also been modded to supply these 2 clock frequencies to the sMS-200. Like new condition and comes with original packaging.

    This listing probably only makes sense to those who have been following the "A novel way to massively improve the SQ of computer audio streaming" on Computer Audiophile forum, and know what an SOtM trifecta is!

    This unit does not work standalone unless connected to a clock source. Please make sure you understand this before buying.

    I also have 2 SMB clock cables that I will sell at 50% off retail as part of this deal.

    New with mods: $660
    Asking: $395 + shipping
  2. Juffa
    Hi Are you able to supply a quote for shipping to Australia?


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