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SoTM dx-usbHD with SuperClock upgrade **SOLD**

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  1. cat6man
    For Sale
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    I'm selling my SoTM dx-usbHD with the superclock sCLK-2224 upgrade (list price $950).
    This takes usb input, reclocks it and outputs coax, optical or aes/ebu.
    This unit is ideal for DACs that would best on inputs other than USB
    (in my case, my DAC sounds vastly superior with aes/ebu input). I'm selling this as I'm saving up for an internal upgrade ot the DAC that includes an internal server which includes a implementation of this "reclocker to aes/ebu" functionality inside the single box DAC.

    Many other DACs fall in this category, and if your dac responds like mine, the difference is phenomenal.

    A good power supply is also essential to get the best from a dx-usbHD.

    I'm asking $550 for the dx-usbHD with superclock sCLK-224

    Price drop: $475
    Price dropped again: $450
    Price dropped yet again: $425

    I'll split paypal and shipping within the U.S.

    edit: uploaded and attached pictures, but i forgot to click "show images" dx-usbHD-3.jpg dx-usbHD-1.jpg dx-usbHD-2.jpg
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
  2. Juffa
    Hi. Are you able to provide a shipping cost for both the DX-usbhd and powersuppy to Australia?

  3. cat6man
    Will do today if possible, if not tomorrow.
    Need to take to post office to size/weigh.

  4. cat6man
    PM sent
  5. cat6man
    bump and an anecdote.

    my dxusbHD is on loan to an audio buddy who i'd been urging to try it.
    he has a high end MSB and had been using usb input from a modified/tweaked mac-mini.

    when we hooked up the dxusbHD via aes/ebu on Friday, it blew us away how much better it sounded......bass, imaging, treble, everything..........and this was with a wall wart power supply.
    the difference was brain-dead obvious.

    he will have this on loan while i upgrade my DAC over the next few weeks, but it is a no brainer that he will move to some sort of aes/ebu feeding his MSB from now on.
    when he makes up his mind on his next step, i'll either bump this thread or list it as sold.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
  6. cat6man
    bump............i'm actually ready to sell this now.
    i've just purchased the totalDAC D1-server which includes a reclocker to aes/ebu.
  7. cat6man
  8. cat6man
    price drop: $495
  9. cat6man
    further price drop to $475
  10. cat6man
    price drop to $450
  11. cat6man
  12. cat6man
  13. cat6man
  14. cat6man
  15. cat6man
    price reduced to $425

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