Sorting through the collection and need to sell these!
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Jul 19, 2006
Trying to find good homes for these headphones. I just have too many and too little time. I take very good care of all of my equipment and these are all either brand new or have less than 20 hours on them, some less than 1! :)
I will take any reasonable offer on any of them. From left to right is:
HD-650 - Takstar HI 2050 - Aurvana Live! - Griffin Wood Tones - HD 201S - HD 229
All "HD" headphones are Sennheisers.
And last but not least are the AKG K619, still in cellophane.

I have the original packaging for all of them except for the HD 201 and the HD229. The Takstar came shipped with no case, but I will make sure everything is packed very well. Feel free to ask any questions about any of these and I hope that someone will enjoy these!

(The $130 price tag is only because I had to list a valid price in order for this to post. It is not a reflection on how much I want to sell any particular headphone for, or all of these as a group. Thank you for your understanding)

EDIT: after some questions re price I'm going to put up an asking price for each of these. All of these include shipping in the US. I am happy to ship anywhere, but it may cost a little more to ship internationally

HD650 - SOLD
Takstar 2050 - $40 obo
Aurvana Live! - $65 obo
Griffin Wood Tones - SOLD
HD201S - $35 obo
HD229 - $30 obo
AKG K619 - $40 obo

AND a new one to the list - the AKG K550. These are in like new condition with the box. They sound great and look even better, but again, not enough usage so these need a new home - SOLD

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, and I hope that some members get some great headphones and happy listening from these! All the best.
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