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New Head-Fier
Oct 14, 2008

This is my first post. I have been doing a lot of reading here, and it is both fascinating and confusing! I have been into sound for many years, but have never really experienced a really "good" system. I am going portable because I have realized that the kind of sound I am looking for can be held much cheaper the portable route than in the full size "home" route.

After reading, and considering my budget (~500.00), I have decided upon the following:

1. Sony D-NF340
2. Headroom Total Airhead
3. Sure SE540

It took me a LONG time to decide upon the SE540's, because there were so man in ears reviewed and discussed. I was hesitant about their price, but decided to take the plunge.

So, with the prices I found, this puts my portable system at around 500.00, a little less actually.

Will this be a "nice" sounding system, in your opinions? I don't have the opportunity to actually sample any headphones, so I am going on strictly what you all say here. The only in ear's the I have sampled are a Sony MDR I believe seriess that cost around 30.00, and a pair of Denon 551's that cost around 100.00 retail, but can be had much cheaper. I actually think the Denon's sound pretty good, but am hoping for much more from the Schures.

Any opinions? I am looking to hear from anyone with an opinion on any of these components. My full size can's are a set of Grado SR80"s which I thought many years ago were "expensive", which is a laugh now, after reviewing the available products now. I use the Grado's for portable use and for listening to the TV (movies).

Well, thanks for listening and please respond if you have time.



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