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Nov 27, 2008
First things first, I'm currently using some sony earphones that came with a Walkman A818 I bought last year or so. They look a lot like these, but they're probably not the same since I doubt any company would include $60 earphones as stock. The only difference between mine and those is that mine don't say "SONY" and instead have a walkman logo in the silver circle part on the end. Anyway, I've been looking to get something new with more/clearer bass (I'm not really dissatisfied with the midrange or treble on what I have). I hear the Denon C551s are pretty good for bass without losing quality in the higher parts.

However, if the C551s won't give me a decent increase in bass I'll probably go for some full headphones, in which case I've been looking at Sony MDR-V6 or Denon D1001. I've heard mixed reviews about the MDR-V6s as far as bass, and that they sound pretty sharp in the highs. The D1001s have great bass and are very comfortable from what I've read, but I'm pretty sure they don't fold which might be a little troublesome for me.

Basically, if anyone can give me a comparison between the phones I have now (if anyone even knows what I'm talking about, haha) and the Denon C551, that would be greatly appreciated

Otherwise, suggestions for headphones would be appreciated also. I'm looking to spend probably $80 or so, no more than $100. Foldability/portability is a plus. Comfort is important. I mostly listen to classic rock and rap with a few other genres interspersed.

Maybe I should just keep my current sony earphones and get the C551s for my birthday in a few months?

Thanks for your time.

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