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Soon to be Q701 + O2 owner looking for insight into sound cards for PC Gaming

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rydell, Feb 16, 2014.
  1. Rydell
    Alright, I've learned my lesson. I jumped on a set of Razor Tiamat 7.1's for $200 and quickly noticed the audio and bass clarity were not near what I was hoping. So I actually sat down and started doing some research, and I think I've hit a snag in some info that hasn't been quite discussed. I've been digging through head-fi and audiophiles for the better part of 2 days now and have come up with AKG Q701's (apparantely the K vs Q difference is a clearer bass response - which is huge for explosions and gaming) and the Objective2 Amp for proper boost. There are just too many good reviews for it, many people recommend it specifically for the Q701's (because of how much Amp they require), and it's affordable at 125. At risk of sounding like an ignorant kiddie with a glint in his eye, I'll admit I'm chasing the sound of a family members $2000 amped floor speakers and a sub to match. Ever since I've heard the piercing bass and audio clarity from an explosion in a Battlefield 3 YouTube video on their setup, replicating it has been an audio priority. I live with roommates, so for now, I'm stuck with doing this on headphones. There is a very distinct piercing boom and gunfire crack from the audio (see link below for those of you with great speakers or headphones) that legit feels realistic. Not like a sub just shaking the walls and moving a lot of air to make up for an inability to sound authentic. I understand the full experience of speakers cannot be replicated, as it's your entire body feeling the bass response... but if I could get some audiophile assistance in at least getting as close as possible with a $400-500 budget, I would be happy with what I end up with. So as far as sound cards go on PC's, what would one suggest with the Q701 + O2 setup? What exactly am I looking for in one to get the most out of these headphones and amp while playing FPS games such as Battlefield 3? Am I right to choose the O2 even though I could have an amp mounted in one of the hard drive bays? I really don't need its mobility. And any other suggestions in my search is welcome too. Many thanks, folks!
    Go to 2:15 for when the action starts
    EDIT: May have this in the wrong forum. Mods, could you move this to computer audio?
  2. Rydell
    Am I reading this correctly, is a sound card even needed if you have an amp? Maybe that's why I couldn't find info on this...
  3. audiorapture
    just to set your mind at ease, that last 10% of "audiophile sound" you are looking for without paying the price is the carrot in front of the horse mentality that drives us all; and is never reached or else there would be no upgrading....  Try to be as satisfied as you can now, knowing somewhere down the line you may own your own house and put in as many subwoofers and titanium or super tweeters, (or whatever),  and as big a sound as you can get....when you can afford it.  Best of luck... (look at the living room speakers I built in my avatar-----trust me, I've made all the mistakes)

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