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Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Kcharng, Nov 4, 2016.
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  1. Rob49
    ( I edited my post. ) I'd have to buy from someone like Amazon, in order to return, but i can't imagine that i would feel the need to ?
  2. quoji
    I'd say the original price of $2300 ($2500 after tax) is too much for me to spend on headphones that I'm not absolutely in love with and using 6+ hours a day (maybe even then unless I have unlimited money). I can see a case made for them being worth buying if you get a good deal, which I think you can, and you're in love with their sound. Their build, craftmanship, and visual design is to me some of if not the best out there, with some seriously impressive stock pads. Also a big thing for me is almost all my listening happens at home, where I can and do listen on open-backs, so I'm not taking advantage of one of the big selling points of owning the Z1Rs, that they're closed. Regardless, everything comes down to opportunity costs and priorities.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
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  3. raybies
    You're not wrong, but you have to remember they're a low volume luxury item.
    They're hand assembled in a small Japanese Sony workshop, which makes them expensive in labor.
    They've been a built to order item the whole of 2018, well at least that's what Sony Australia told me in December 2017.
    Last I checked the highest serial # was around 7000, so low volume items are always expensive.
    They're not the perfect headphone, I've isolated their issue (fast attack/decays at 8-10kHz or the classic trap high hat, just doesn't sound quite right), and a certain blogger/youtuber said they were worse than a $120 pair of Technica's. In this age people rely heavily on bloggers/youtube for product info and marketers know this... I used to get given free stuff to influence people, you get a prominent person saying your product is junk and that kills your sales. I f'ing hated the sound signature of the HD800, but that dude loved it, even though he later had to mod them... wtf.

    My controversial view is that there is <10% difference from a wave form perspective between the cheapest and most expensive headphones.

    The Z1R's do have a certain magic which has an entry fee, and it blew me away when I discovered it.

    Will they be a classic and increase in value? I think only if a VIP like Hans Zimmer comes out singing it's praises, but I bet he's a HD800 fan.

    My biggest complaint is their size, I can't rest my head with them on :frowning2:
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
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  4. fullranger
    Those $150 phones do sound good compared with my Z7’s, but they are so uncomfortable that I can’t tolerate them for long. Found them at my nieces house and gave them a try.
    I am happy with my phones due to comfort and sound, but they were much costlier.
    Reviews may not be “wrong” sonically, however, there is more to enjoyment than just a signature.
    Hence the Sony lineup.
    Hope that helps, and happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!
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  5. fullranger
    And I do enjoy listening to Hans Zimmer on the Z7’s. His music is very drum laden for “classical” music. Very cool.
    Maybe I’ll lend him my pair for a photo shoot. -just need his mailing address. Then, again, probably a better job for the Z1R.
  6. racebit
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  7. Aliv3
    Is that a good price for them?
    I was already determined to buy the lcd-x for that same price.
  8. racebit
    It is the lowest I found in the EU in the past 6 months. The average price at all amazons is 2000 Euros.The ccheapest is co.uk at £1650 = €1850
  9. Aliv3
    I already tried to make the purchase but unfortunately the store does not ship to my country.
  10. nc8000 Contributor
    And UK states “Usually ships in 1-3 months” so not even in stock.

    Found this in Denmark which equates to about 1.050€ and it is a wireless version and stated as for main use with portable devices (which in Denmark means smartphones). Don’t think so somehow :)

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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  11. racebit
    I was determined to buy the Z!R for several months, but it was too expensive, so I set automatic triggers to be warned when price reached €1400, that is why I was warned today.
    However recently I chenged my mind. I am now determined to buy the Meze Empyrean (€3000) as my end game hedphones. Or a child of the Empyrean.
  12. halcyon
    They were just 999€ in Northern Europe for a few hours on Black Friday... Missed it. For that price (not the SRP) I might have tested them.
  13. Aliv3
    Damm that's a good price. No luck for me
  14. montanari
    Which website?
  15. halcyon

    I think they appeared for an hour or two, went very fast.
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