Sony Xperia Play 4G AT&T phone with accessories
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I have no use for this phone as i recently upgraded to a galaxy note 2 so i figured i'd put it up here if anyone has an interest.
The phone is the AT&T branded blue xperia play phone that has gamepad controller built in and works wonderful with every app i've ever tried on it, I've spent quite a lot of time playing Need for Speed Most Wanted and Dungeon Hunter 4 they run smooth and theres an incredibly vast amount of games that have built in xperia play controls. Also the *oid emulators like snesoid n64oid all have built in xperia play settings and all old emulators run great and ive used this to keep my kids busy on many occasion while they play old mario at a restaurant etc :).
The original phone has a very fine scratch about a quarter of an inch long and is only noticable at certain angles and ive used it like this for a while but i recently purchased a replacement digitizer/glass but never got around to putting it on. Also the replacement glass has the black bezel so if you wanted to keep the original blue case you need to use a heat gun to separate the glass from the bezel which is quite easy and there are youtube videos on both glass replacement and bezel replacement. I'm including the replacement glass/bezel and it comes with a 3m glue strip if you want to keep the bezel.
Accessories i'm including are the sony xperia play Dock that has a headphone jack and charging line/plug and when plugged into the dock the phone turns into a neat alarm clock and displays the weather and goes dim at night but always displays the time. Also i'm including an extended battery that works really well but has a black extended battery cover(there are no blue covers yet that i know of) and the extended case makes the phone not fit into the dock. Which is why i've opted to let the next owner decide if they wanted to replace/keep the black bezel on the new glass. I also have 2 of the original batteries for the phone.
Price is 50 through paypal and includes shipping and fees which is great considering the phone still sells for 150+ and doesn't include the dock or extended battery. No international shipping or trades accepted.
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