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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. aisalen
    I have MUC-M12NB1, the non-kimber one to be use as my main cable for my N3 and will make the stock as my backup.
  2. Hinomotocho
    I bought the N3 because I missed the beauty of the Sony XBA (A3, Z5) sound but I couldn't remember if I had ever tried them during my trips to Japan - I just found an old post on the A3 thread where I made a comment referring to me trying and liking the N3
  3. Wiz33
    Don't have an A55 but had an A40 before I got the ZX-300. If you're running SE. The difference is not that big and the sound signature is fairly similar, chances are that you won't be able to tell the difference if you're out and about with a fair amount of ambient noise.. But the whole point of getting a ZX-300 is to be able to run in balance mode and that is a noticeable improvement over SE that's noticeable even when you're out and about.
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  4. Audiophile2019
    Agree with you, bro.. I've tried N3AP on ZX300 & WM1A/Z but wasn't impressed.. I own N1AP and I think N1AP is better since I'm quite a bass head.. But when I tried N3BP on the above DAPs, it's totally different story.. It's definitely WOW!
  5. tomaslam
    Using high gain on ZX300 + Kimber MUC cable will make the N3 shine like a star :3
  6. kalo86
    I confirm.... I am using the Sony XBA-N3 with the Mee Audio balanced cable on the iBasso DX220 with AMP8 and the combo in amazing...
  7. tipsg
    Paired my XBA-N3BP with ZX300. Works for me. Bass is right amount. Mids for male vocal bit recessed but i can live with that. Soundstage bit small. The extra juice from Balanced Output does wonders for the dynamic driver. Its always with me when i travel. Love the portability and the solid build.
  8. Reeshar
    It's obviously horses-for-courses. If you can't tell the difference between the two DAPs then, of course, you should go for the A55. But it does rather beg the question as to why you would then bother with high-end IEMs.

    Yes, I checked and double-checked the paper specs of the two players and was surprised they should sound so different - or, in your view, not very different at all. :wink:

    I am not a purist. I don't bother with all the oxygen-free rubbish written about cables - there really is no difference other than taking you for a ride financially. As an engineer I approach any suggested improvement with scepticism. I went through this before before adding a DAC to my hifi set-up. I didn't believe it could make a difference, borrowed one from a hifi shop and found I was wrong.

    I went through the same process with our two DAPs. I didn't expect much difference and was surprised there was. But all our ears (and brains) are different so what might matter to me might not to you. That's fine. Different views are a healthy part of discourse. Just explaining here where I'm coming from.

    Ultimately you have to decide on what quality you want and how much you can afford. Every point on the scale from lo-fi to uber-fi is perfectly valid. You're the one with the money. :-D
  9. Wiz33
    Please don't take my message out of context. What I said is that the difference is very minor when you are running SE out and about with ambient noise (which is usually why people get a portable player for). But I also said that the difference is noticeable even with ambient noise when you go from SE to balance. Also, I buy high-end IEMs and expensive toys because it's only money ;-P
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  10. Lohb
    I forgot, was N3 sub-bass focused and N1 more mid-bass focused in relation to each other...?
    If I recall N3 extended both ends vs N1.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
  11. tomaslam
    Has anyone on here demoed the IE400 Pro from Sennheiser & compare it to the N3s? I'm in love with the N3s but being attracted by the simple look & fit of the IE400 Pro even the N3s fits super good
  12. ivannnn
    Anybody here has both sony MH755 and N3? How much of upgrade are between these two? Are they worth the extra $$$?
  13. Hinomotocho
    I have never tried the MH755 but considered it before buying the N3. From the many reviews I read my conclusion is that they are great sounding for the low price but they would not compete with the sound quality you'd get from the N3. If you want a cheap iem that sounds great get the NH755, but if you want great sounding iem and can afford the extra $$ perhaps the N3 would be a better buy. Just my opinion.
  14. ivannnn
    I already have the MH755 and I really like it. Now I'm looking for an upgrade...The price different is around 220 USD here. I'm afraid if they're not worth it as I read somewhere they almost sound identical
  15. Damz87
    I have both the N3 & MH755 modified with mmcx connectors. I actually use the N3 balanced cable with the MH755 because it’s so lightweight.

    I find the N3 & MH755 quite similar, but the N3 is better overall in every department. But with that said, the MH755 is still a great IEM, especially for the price.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
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