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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. Vitandus
    Interesting. I have the iSine 20, and I find the opposite. I like both sound signatures, though, quite a lot.
  2. Lohb
    Which one has hotter treble between N3/i20 ?
  3. Vitandus
    Hmm, neither, really. I'd say the iSine 20 is crisper, but not hot or too bright by any stretch. The N3 is smoother.

    You drink whiskey? The N3 is that old, old oak barrel aged. Smooth as hell - almost to the point where it lacks character, but doesn't tip over to that level. The iSine 20 has a bit more bite, gives it character, but also far smoother than many other IEMs.
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  4. udesign48
    Well, I'm disappointed with iSine 10. I don't think I'll ever buy Audeze again unless it's LCDi4 which they claim to have the same sound quality of LCD-4. LCDi4 is too expensive for me at the moment...

    Here's my updated wish list:

    - IE800s
    - IER-M9
    - AKG K3003
    - Shure SE846
    - LCDi4

    They cost $6k total. I have to give up my used car to buy them all lol
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  5. mredmond
    Can any long-term users of the N3 comment on how well the MMCX connectors have held up? From what I've seen, that seems to be the concerning point of failure.

    Also, any recommendations to replace the N3AP mic cable with another mic remote cable that doesn't have the microphonics problems the stock cable has? If it has a 3-button remote for volume controls on Android (Pixel 2XL) even better.

    I've been split between the N3 and FiiO FH5, and I want to like the N3 more, but the superior construction quality of the FH5 keeps bringing me back to it as it seems like it is going to last significantly longer.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  6. jrq23
    Does any have any tips (no pun intended) or tricks, or things to definitely not do, if you wanted to clean the N3 tips (the silicon ones, triple-comfort fit?)?
    Or any source for buying replacements?
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  7. Raketen
    2 years owner, mostly semi-regular use (few days a week) & no issues with the IEM socket (cleaned with deOxit once- common issue w/ any detachable IEM connection), but one of my stock cable connectors became loose after having barely that cable. I don't swap cables often (even good quality brand like Molex's MMCX only rated a few hundred cycles).

    IMO build quality seems respectable, maybe a tier down from the Jays q-Jays I'd give top marks for build.
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  8. jrq23
    Turns out there are quite a few good deals to be had on eBay. SKU: EP-TC50L (L for Large)
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  9. gazzington
    I'm after some iems to go with my lotoo paw gold touch. I listen to lot of different genres. Would the n3 be a good choice?
  10. mredmond
    Thanks for the info! So it was the connection on the stock cable that began failing, not the connectors on the IEMs themselves? I wasn't sure if the problems I've seen reported were failures on the cable or earphone side. What cable did you end up getting as the replacement?

    Also, can these be used comfortably well with a good seal with over the ear cables?
  11. Reeshar
    The simple answer is "yes". But you need to switch the left and right earphones to get the correct orientation with the cable going up over your ear rather than down.
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  12. DrKrFfXx
    I use over the ear cables with my N3, haven't had the beed to switch R and L. They fit just nice facing up or down both ways.
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  13. Raketen
    For me it was just the cable, correct. Not sure what other people's issues have been. Other than that it's probably adequate, just a little cheap feeling. I've swaped a couple cables but usually using a spare cable from a Panasonic IEM, nothing special.

    As to over ear comfort I think that depends on the person... I prefer them worn down and use a shirt clip- over-ear without a memory wire was ok (usually easy enough to remove wire if bothersome).
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  14. Raketen
    double post, weird.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
  15. mredmond
    Is there anything that could be considered a natural upgrade to the N3 for less than $1k? Something that has similar sound signature but perhaps more detail, better staging, more bass, better bass response?

    I like the N3 a lot for commute/travel purposes (small, lightweight, easy to drive, good all around sound), but I am curious for listening at work at my desktop for long sessions if there is something that could provide a similar sound, but perhaps richer experience.
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