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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. cocolinho
    Which tips are you using with your N3?
    Out of the balanced port from my zx300 I don't feel mid bass being overpowered.
  2. rendyG
    I think we just prefer different tonality :)
    I tried stock silicones, widebore sony, symbios..
    Bass is still thick and slow for me. For example, IT01 is also bassy, but being graphene, tjeir bass is really punchy and fast, while on N3 it is slow and shifted more towards midbass.
  3. cocolinho
    Are you referring to it01s or it01 ?
    I am curious about the it01s but that is off topic
  4. kova4a
    The issue is not as much the mid-bass but rather the sub-bass. The boosted sub-bass always leads to overall slow bass without exception. I kinda got conditioned by the flc 8d because I've been listening to it for quite some months now and it has a similar issue, so the sony didn't really bother me that much but I would prefer a bit tighter and snappier low end. With that being said, the sony is still quite an enjoyable listen and has less drawbacks than a lot of similarly priced iems that might have better low end but a slew of other issues like unnatural tonality and timbre, weird peaks and dips, etc.
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  5. Redcarmoose
  6. Raketen
    Not done this myself but you could try a mod like the JVC fx850 'front vent' mod to reduce bass with the N3... from what I remember, basically involves inserting a small lengthwise sliver of material between tip and nozzle to allow more air/bass pressure to escape (just threadsearch the fx850 thread for more details).
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  7. Anshin
    Just nabbed these from a local pawn shop. Fantastic tonality and an absolute steal for the used price
  8. obsidyen
    So many people disregard these IEMs because Sony is a mass market brand. N3s sound far better than boutique company IEMs with 4-5 times their price. I even had Noble K10 at some point, and N3 has better tonality in my opinion. New high-end Sony IEMs looks great but they seem to be made for musicians. If Sony ever releases N4 or N5, I'll be the first one to buy them.
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  9. rendyG
    Agree, pls upgrade N3 with graphene or DLC dynamic driver. That would be my personal endgame, bu till then..
  10. duppex
    Payday in a few days and its time for a treat. I am going for the Sony XBA-N3AP, here in the UK the cheapest I can find them is on Amazon, £220 + £25 for extra 2 years any damage cover (Which from reading reviews is a good thing to have)

    I listen to all types of music but really into old school house, so hopefully, the Bass is good on these.

    I am new to IEMs so have a question, can anyone recommend an (OK) DAP, for around £200. Also I decent/Cheap Balanced Cable.

  11. dimmockg
    Got these on my shortlist myself

    If I did get them they'd be paired with a fiio M6 dap which is a great little device (£135), touchscreen, WiFi, BT, Spotify, etc

    Maybe check Amazon for balanced cables - yinyoo and okcsc (not tried any myself but plenty on there)
  12. duppex

    Thanks for the head up. The M6, looks great and very affordable. I going to check out a few reviews but loving what I have seen so far. Hopefully, this can push out better quality music than my Samsung Note 9.

    Thanks again for your advice.
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  13. dimmockg
    Good luck in your search
  14. Anshin
    How would everyone here rate the technicalities of the XBA N3AP?
  15. TooPoorForHiFi
    Don't think the M6 has Balance, Perhaps the Hiby R3?

    I was told the N3 paired best with Silver Cable & JVC Spiral Dots.
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