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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. freddystreet
    OMG the N3 = goosebumps! but the T20i dont sound shabby either. I feel the RHA have a bit better mids and slightly mellower highs and the N3 just have deeper bass with more punch.But i guess i have to break both in for a while to draw a proper conclusion.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2018
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  2. cfc7
    Are there any rumors for new models which will replace the N3 in the near future?
  3. MrFujisawa
    After 1 year and 2 weeks, the cable is starting to fail. Anyone have a good recommendations for replacement with a mic/remote?
  4. Lohb
    Anyone using the N3 with Shanling M3s in balanced out mode....?
    Bringing a full-bodied sound with its mWatts output ?
  5. BlinkST
    These things sure do take a while to break-in. Whereas I initially planned to use them as a backup, I was annoyed by how harsh the vocals sounded. I would at times try to listen to them only to put them down after a few seconds. Since last week, I noticed that the midrange was more tamed, and compared to the FXZ200, vocals were clearer. The FXZ200 instead now sounds harsh whenever singers get loud... The improvement was undeniable when I was listening to some Charles Bradley. I've been enjoying these for most of my listening.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
  6. Kons
    So I got the XBA-N3's, daily drivers not much to complain about.

    Got one issue though, the connectors are losing their grip and both earplugs comes off easily. Really annoying and will probably result in me losing them.

    Not sure what end is losening up, anyone had this problem?

    Never done this before, but could one expand the clamping mechanism on the cord connectors to make for a tighter fit?
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  7. Wiz33
    If you look closely at the Sony cable connector, It not one solid piece. It's compose of 4 separate 1/4 circle segments. The bottom protruding ring is the part the cause the loose connections as after many removals and insertions, it tends to get compressed a bit. All you need is to use a fine tweezers or a sharp razor blade and inset it between segments and ply it out a bit.
  8. Kons
    Did the trick! Thanks
  9. shamu144
    I was looking for a good but not crazy expensive iem substitue for my Audioquest NO which I do not use much because of its over ear form factor and apparent "fragility" when moving around.

    After some research I ended picking up the N3. I had very good previous experience with Sony gear. I really liked the MDR7520 when I had it or the CD900ST. I even enjoyed the cheaper ZX700 a lot.

    I have to say I am quite impressed out of the box. They are sturdy, very very comfy and sound very good. I am not a fan of the cable though but the good news is that I can always pickup another cable later.

    They are very revealing, refined and indeed not agressive at all. Used with the audioquest DFB, separation, soundstage and clarity improve further to very good levels. I like mids a tiny bit more forward though as I felt voices were further in the background than what I like. Tried the Ostry blue tips OS100 which fit perfectly and made the magic trick. I might also try the JVC spiral dots but I do not think they will lift the mids as much.

    Really satisfied with this purchase. I will give it a few weeks but I can see those retiring the audioquest NO without remorse. Thank you again Sony !
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  10. shamu144
    Oh, yes, a special mention to the bass quality which is probably the best I have hear to date... Textured, tight, impact. Very easy to enjoy !
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  11. Lohb
    They do jump up significantly in separation/imaging going balanced. Worth having that cable/output.
    My only issue with balanced directly off a DAP was there was not enough "heft/weight/meatiness" to the presentation though.

    Had hoped to try them off the iBasso PB3 balanced portable amp, but its now discountinued... ;-(
  12. iBo0m
    Would you consider N3ap to be "basshead" IEMs (good for edm, hs, hip/hop, rap and etc.) or are they more balanced than usual bass strong IEMs?

  13. nevrsumr
    The are V shaped pretty heavy. Bass is strong and deep. I click it down a could dBs
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  14. iBo0m
    Just what I wanted to hear :).
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  15. Kingston12
    Yep, I really like the bass on these but I wouldn't say it is a truly basshead IEM.

    If I am looking for a real basshead experience, I'll always reach for my IMR R1, but the N3 is still pretty satisfying.
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