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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. Lohb
    Will give the Spin Fit dual flange a shot. Thanks.
  2. jonathane40
    Have you ever used double or triple flange tips. I like the dual flange spin fits a lot but they are not as comfortable as regular silicon tips. They feel similar to triple flange tips like the ones from etymotic.
  3. aisalen
    Anyone with this IEM has IT04, how is the difference?
  4. Lohb
    Briefly yes. Good to know, Thanks.
  5. rq1111
    Today, i play around with my daps, cables and iems. I pair N3 with Kimber cable and wm1a with direct source in off mode. Wow! What a combo! I enjoy this combo setup. I like this better than Z5. More balance and better clarity. The layering and sound stage is amazing! I will use this combo setup for long time. I do not miss my CE-5 with this setup. It is really amazing combo.

    The vocal for N3 is much better than IT04. I almost wanted to buy due to the bass buy the vocal is not good. N3 is a better iem than IT04. I feel N3 is under appreciate for such a quality sound. I like N3 more than Z5 now. Z5 is a bit more bassy for me to like. Price does not equate to sound quality. Don't underestimate N3.
  6. Lohb
    Don't think I'll be buying any IEMs for a while now....N3 is the ONE for me anyway...:ksc75smile:
    It seemed so much harder to get the 'right' earphones vs the 'right' headphones.....must have been 20+ brands I went through.
    Closest signature would be the first LZ-a2 IEM, but only to a degree...now back to tip-rolling...
  7. freddystreet
    Guys i need your help. I tried the N3 before and sent it back because i really couldnt get a good seal, only very shortly and if i moved my head it would be gone. tried every plug included and some from B&O and B&W in ears. None kept them in my ear canal perfectly, and i need a perfect seal otherwise the bass is not great. the few times i had a good seal the sound was INSANE (coming from a B&W C5) and i just ordered another pair cos i want to make it work this time. Never really stopped thinking about the N3. Its like in Star Trek 7 where they try to get back into the Nexus cos its the only place to be. tried a lot of Over Ear headphones lately which just hurt my head after an hour, and the Bass is always super muddy and annoying (tried the Bose quietcomfort 2 and the B&W P7, B&O H9, none had good sound)

    I have quite big ear canals i guess...which plugs should i get? I also ordered the RHA 20Ti and the Westone UM Pro 30 to compare the N3 to something else (and try out their included plugs with the N3) and to see which ones are comfortable over long periods of time, cos i need to wear them for about 6hrs straight, but from my B&W C5 the ears start to hurt after 2 hrs.

    Also, IF i can make the N3 work, or decide for the Pro30/20ti do you think this MMCX cable is a good option for wireless?

    Thanks in advance you mighty audiophiles =)
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  8. Wiz33
    Have you tried the Spin Fit double flange? The seems to go a bit deeper and will tilt to fit your ear.

    As to running in BT, What kind of player and music files are you using. BT will handle MP3s and 16/44 FLACs but if you have any 24 bit 48/96 files, they will degrade unless the BT cable have Aptx HD of Sony's LDAC but the only BT MMCX adapter with LDAC id the Sony MUC-M2BT1.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  9. jonathane40
    I went through a similar experience with the Amdromeda and the EX1000 and tried many tips. I also have the N3 and am able to get a good seal. For me the answer was trying tons of different tips until I found the right one for each IEM. Which tips have you tried? The dual flange Spin Fit, as mentioned before, is great for creating a good seal and it also provides a deeper insertion which helps with the bass. Get the large one since you have large ear canals. Their dual flange run smaller than you would think.

    Can you describe the problem you have with the tips you have tried? The N3 has fewer included tips than for example the EX1000. The EX1000 has more in-between sizes and also has one larger size than the new included with the N3.

    I ended up liking the Sony Hybrids with the N3, the regular Spin Fit with the EX1000 and the Spiral Dot with the Amdromeda. I’m saying all this because in my experience you just have to try many different ones until you get a good seal for the particular IEM. Feel free to ask any questions.

    I pretty much bought most sizes of the Spin Fit (single and dual flange), most sizes of spiral dots, all sizes of Comply, all sizes of the Symbio W, and various unbranded tips from amanzon. There are some tips for the Beats earphones that come with a huge tip with a wide bore. It’s so big that I can’t even fit it in! I usually wear Medium Large to Large tips. Hope this helps!
  10. Trebor1966
    Personally i only get a good seal with Symbio W - everything else slide out because of the short and thick nozzle
  11. freddystreet

    Thank you for making me aware this is a journey ;D
    My problem with the N3 was that i had to put them in at a weird angle to get a seal, and since they are also heavy and long, the would break that seal instantly if i moved. The cheap cable didnt help either with the pull on them.

    I will receive the the RHA20 at the same time, and it looks like they have double flange eartips which i can try on the N3?

    The thing is im from Germany and i can get the Spin Fits here. So i need to look for an alternative on Amazon. Maybe something like this? They are sold by Etymotic. Do all tips fit all in-ears or do i need to look out for mismatches on the connecting side?
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  12. nevrsumr
    I like the sound of the hybrid tips best but any movement and those pop out and lose seal. The gels are great fit but I feel the bass is too boomy. I ordered some comply mediums that are on the way to try on my Andromeda's and the N3's. I currently use the spiral dots on the Andro's.
  13. monsieurfromag3
    Spinfit tips can be imported from Amazon.com. I ordered a small assortment a few weeks back, all import, tax and shipping fees are indicated upfront, no bad surprise when they arrive in Europe.
    Etymotic tips are fine, and I would have pointed you to RHA’s tips, they’re good quality, but you already ordered the T20 so you’re covered.
  14. freddystreet
    Can you provide the link for those?

    yeah i think ill wait and see what the t20s have to offer in the double flange department :wink: and there are plenty of generic double flange ones on the german amazon. I just wonder if you can put any tips on any in-ear, or are there different diameters of the plug connection?
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