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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. Jenz
    There are comparisons between N3 and Oriveti New primacy? I have problems with the oriveti unfortunately to obtain an optimal sealing.
    But the bass and the resolution of the ONP I like that very much. I have deep ear canals, it would be a problem with the N3?
    The resolution is comparable to N3 and open network provision ONP?
  2. Redcarmoose
    These look amazing!
  3. jonathane40
    I have been using the XBA-N3BP (come with balanced cable from sony) and I have been wondering if It would be worth upgrading the cable. Has anyone upgraded the cable on the N3 and if so, which ones have you liked?

    If anything, I would like a cable that improves resolution and make the N3 more revealing. So far I’m pretty content on the bass department with the N3.

    Also, im not sure upgrade cable would make any changes to the sound. I have read many opinions and some people believe in upgrade cables and others don’t. I’m at the point where I will give them a try and then see if I notice any different. I do know from experience that guitar cables can make a big change so I’m hopeful that earphone cables could also have an impac on sound.
  4. Raketen
    Have you tried just adding a little EQ in the treble/details range? I like the darker sound but have found N3 responds to it. Regardless of knowns & unknowns or personal beliefs- even with budget models cable rolling can quickly become an expensive, roundabout way to get a similar effect (or, in the case of premium cables, buy another better suited earphone altogether).

    If you haven't tried tip rolling yet, it can make a difference as well. I prefer stock tips, but I think the N3 did get a bit more detailed (but also slightly peaky) when I was trying wider bore tips like Spiral Dots and Comply foams (I think some others on thread have noted similar results).
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  5. jonathane40
    Thanks for the reply!

    I have wondered the same about using EQ instead of replacing the cable. I did research online about the pros and cons of using eq vs replacing cables to alter the sound but wasn’t able to find much.

    I have used EQ and the N3 responds really well to it. I usually add a bit teble and mids.

    I have tried the hybrid tips that came with the N3 and so far have settled on Comply.
  6. BobbyCrook
    I know this may have been covered and apolgies. Im trying to get a balanced cable for my N1-APs Im in the UK, the earphones only cost £150.00 so not looking at spending silly money on a cable as I have decent Sony on ears. I bought the Sony ZX300 Walkman and just want to hear the sound from the balanced output. So Long winded question, could someone point me in the right direction? was loking at the sony ones but dont seem to be able to order them anywhere which doesnt surprise me. Also was trying to find out what the connectors on the end of the In Ears are called as that may be why im struggling to find something :)
  7. Wiz33
    Something like this. There are quite a few 4.4 balance cables with MMCX now available.

  8. BobbyCrook
  9. Wiz33
    I won't say they are as good as the Sony Kimber balance or the MUC-M12NB1 (I would say they're about the same as the stock cable on the N3BP) but just going balance on a ZX300 should give noticeable improvement over SE. If you're going to spend over $100 on a balance cable, you might as well sell the N1 and get the XBA-N3BP
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  10. jrq23
    Coming to the XBA-N3 from a pair of XBA-A2 IEMs, which sadly malfunctioned in the left monitor, the bass driver just seemed to give up the ghost. I was a little apprenhensive when I first opened the box, and saw the pieces, which are appreciably smaller than the XBA-A2. I really liked the A2's rounded, well-formed bass, and the smaller N3's didn't look like they would be a match. Using a Sony NWZ-X walkman, which has a wonderful amplifier, my worries were quickly put to rest. The bass is there, and it sounds even more contained and rounded, from the ultra lows of EDM and reggae, through the orchestral basses. The size of the A2s never really bothered me, but the N3s are more comfortable, and the triple comfort tips, which I had already switched to on the A2s, make them almost unoticeable. Cable noise is pretty low. I love them.
    Intensecure likes this.
  11. defn
    Spotted at Yodobashi today. Needless to say I left with a pair...
  12. defn
    Just tested both yesterday and I can say that the Andromeda is a step change from the N3BP in terms of detail. That said however, it’s six times the price of the N3BP and getting a sealed fit was a chore for my ears.
  13. cfc7
    Very interesting, I had the chance to test the n3 and I was really impressed by the sound, so impressed that I concluded the same related to the ie800, in fact, I'll even chose the n3 between the 2.
    So, I started to search for more impressions.
    Why are these so underrated?
    Because the SQ for the price is really astonishing.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  14. Redcarmoose
  15. Jackson 6
    They don't expect gold from Sony, they don't trust gold from Sony, they don't trust unbeatable value from Sony. They don't trust Sony, period.
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